Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Twitter Review)

Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro - SRTV

A couple of weeks back, Stogie Review had our very first Stogie Review Tweet-View (Twitter Review). It was unofficial and something that I decided to try with some of the people I converse with on Twitter. The turn out was great and all participants seemed to have a great time reviewing the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver.

About a week later I scheduled the next Tweet-View and gave everyone an additional week to track down a Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro. Things were off to a great start as the cigar was easy to find and a handful of people volunteered their time.

Things went downhill from that point on. The day before the review was set to go down, I began feeling a little under the weather. I was sure that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and that I could push on through the scratchy throat and congestion to participate in the review the following day. The following day I wound up Tweeting from bed via my iTouch that I wasn’t going to be able to make it and that everyone should proceed without me.

Confusion set in and a few of the participants did other things with their time expecting a reschedule. @BudPA gave me a call and we had a brief conversation that the show was to go on without me. From here @BudPA and @KnightRid buckled down and got to work on their Perdomo Lot 23 Maduros.

Below are some highlights from the Stogie Review Tweet-View. For additional information, you can use the Twitter Search Engine to grab the remainder of the conversation using hash tag #SRTV (Stogie Review Tweet-View).

Stogie Review Tweet-View


KnightRid: Mine seems very nice, a few small veins, nice chocolate brown color. LOVE the band detail! #SRTV

KnightRid: I am getting a SLIGHT cocoa scent from mine, but nothing else is noticeable #SRTV

BudPA: mine has a few medium size veins #SRTV

BudPA: no real flavor on cold draw but draw is nice #SRTV

KnightRid: pre-light draw seems a bit firm, but I dont think it will cause problems #SRTV

First Third

KnightRid: lit up, first couple puffs I am getting a cocoa/woody taste – very nice #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid I agree with the cocoa not sure if the other is woody or more nutty #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid abundance of smoke from my stick but it’s not a thick heavy smoke #SRTV

KnightRid: I am also getting a sweet background finish now, might be the cocoa? #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid burn on this is good let it sit while I rounded up the camera and new batteries and it remained lit #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA mine is smoking pretty fast. I have to do a triple draw each time to get some smoke, keeps drawing cold air, maybe a hole in it #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid this is a nice smooth smoke not getting any harshness at all #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA hasn’t changed much in this first third – cocoa, nutty, with a sweet background to it with a VERY smooth feel!! #SRTV

KnightRid: to me, this is a mild cigar right now #SRTV

Second Third

KnightRid: almost halfway in and I just got a taste of leather in mine – like chewing on a belt =) #SRTV

BudPA: Burn line getting way off . Slid the band off and noticed a small crack #SRTV

KnightRid: I think the sweetness has overtaken the cocoa for the dominant flavor right now #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid starting to get a leather flavor in the finish now #SRTV

BudPA: midway into the second third and still mainly cocoa flavor with a hint of nuts with a leathery finish #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA are you getting a really sweet cocoa rather than a bitter cocoa? I am, just curious if you are to 🙂 #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid No not really sweet but it is not bitter sweet somewhere in between #SRTV

BudPA: Just about to the final third and I’m starting to get a hint of spice on the tip of my tongue #SRTV

Final Third

KnightRid: last third is giving me more of a leathery taste #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid Spice I was getting is all but gone now #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA I never got the spice, but the cocoa has gone to the background and a leathery sweetness in dominate now for me #SRTV

BudPA: Into the final third cocoa has subdued some and leather in the finish has picked up, still nice and smooth #SRTV

KnightRid: I am having a heck of a time getting any draw on mine now – that hole/blemish seems to be getting worse 🙁 #SRTV

BudPA: Seam to be picking up the nutty flavor in the finish now more then the leather that was there #SRTV

KnightRid: body has picked up into the medium range in the last third – still enjoyable taste with leather being the foremost for me #SRTV

KnightRid: cocoa has totally gone away for me, but the sweetness is still there #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid yea cocoa is gone replaced with leather not getting much sweetness #SRTV

Final Thoughts

KnightRid: Final thoughts, nice sweet cocoa flavor with hints of nutty in the background to start, flavor stayed pretty consistant till the final #SRTV

KnightRid: third, then the cocoa disappeared and was replaced with a leathery taste with a sweetness behind. all in all a nice stick. #SRTV

BudPA: final thoughts nice cocoa flavor with nutty undertones to start which changed to leather in the final third. #SRTV

BudPA: Leathery finish which changed to nutty in the final third. All in all good solid stick #SRTV