Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver (Twitter Review)

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 - Silver

Some time ago, I received a surprise sample of the Cain Habano. Being told I had to smoke it on the spot, I decided that I was going to use twitter to convey my thoughts as it burned. The Twitter Review, or Tweet-View, had an excellent response and I wanted to do a more organized version in the future.

I posed the idea to my Twitter followers and immediate got a few people interested in smoking along with me. Once we ironed out a time, the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver was chosen as the cigar. Overall, I think that the style of review was a big success and I look forward to doing another in the near future.

I would like to thank everyone that participated, I had alot of fun and the results were interesting.

The following is the result of our review. You can use the Twitter Search function for #SRTV (Stogie Review Tweet-View) to see additional information.

Stogie Review Tweet-View


waltw: Alright, I’m just about ready. Lets all try to use the #SRTV hash-tag for Stogie Review Tweet-View since that’s what I am going to search

waltw: For those watching and confused, we are reviewing the Torano Exodus 1959 Silver for Stogie Review via a Twitter Review #SRTV

waltw: My wrapper is dark and oily with a uniform color. Coupe small veins but none protrude. Smooth to the touch #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw prelight for me would be a very barnyardy smell, beautiful oily looking stick with a nice looking cap #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw #SRTV Mine looks the same but with a lot of shiny specks #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw couple small veins, VERY small that stick up a bit, but thats it #SRTV

waltw: Aroma on my has a kind of chocolate / compost. Very aromatic overall #SRTV

tonycasas: sadly mine looks a bit on the dry size excellent construction dark creamy brown wrapper One small dimple i hope doesnt give problems #SRTV

waltw: Its probably worth noting that the cigars @BudPA, @shing999, and I are smoking could be relatively old. Not big movers at out shop #SRTV

tonycasas: Carlos Torano exodus 1959 silver edition torpedo #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw I would say they have a few years on them #SRTV

waltw: Stick feel evenly packed with tobacco but does have two soft spots. One towards mid-point the other near the cap #SRTV

tonycasas: @waltw @BudPA Yeah mine was a fresh box they actually opened there at the shop. Still a bit dry :/ #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw mine has a nice firm pack to it, no soft spots at all #SRTV

waltw: Moving on to opening up the cap. using a typical double bladed guillotine (Palio). Pre-light draw is VERY free #SRTV

tonycasas: @shing999 I agree, great band. I love medievel looking bands. Represent power. Hopefully the cigar itself can back that up #SRTV

waltw: Cold draw has a very mild taste. Kind of hard to distinguish. I am a little concerned about the draw, virtually no resistance #SRTV

BudPA: I have a small nick in the wrapper about midway will have to keep an eye on it #SRTV

tonycasas: Very earthy scent, with grassy, nutty undertones – prelight. #SRTV

waltw: Pairing the Exodus 1959 Silver with a little @blackdogcoffee #SRTV

tonycasas: Heading to cut, using cuban crafters double blade perfecto cutter. #SRTV

KnightRid: I am pairing mine with some Coca Cola, maybe water after the Coke is gone 🙂 #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid Im pairing with coke as well oddly 🙂 #SRTV

First Third

waltw: Moving on to lighting now, no unexpected problems. Evenly lit and billowing smoke #SRTV

waltw: Soft on the palate with a mild salty after-taste. Moving smoke through sinuses causes no uncomfortableness, nice and smooth #SRTV

tonycasas: Cold draw, just as expected. Grassy. A bit musky. #SRTV

tonycasas: Light was cake. Lit up right away when my lighter actually worked properly. #SRTV

BudPA: Burn getting a little uneven will see if it corrects itself #SRTV

waltw: Resting smoke is fairly light but has a musty quality to it. Not bad, but not the most appealing smell either #SRTV

tonycasas: @shing999 Agree with the retrohale. Its not something i do often but very smooth on this smoke #SRTV

tonycasas: Great draw. Lots of think smoke. A bit of spice up front. Very sweet, nutty flavors. #SRTV

waltw: Thin and even burn line so far. Tiny ash that is developing is light in color and attractive #SRTV

tonycasas: Cap seems to have a bit of sweetness to it. #SRTV

KnightRid: Couple photos for #SRTV – sorry took forever to upload

KnightRid: I would say mostly woody on the start, aftertaste doesnt linger too long it doesnt seem #SRTV

tonycasas: Ash is pretty light. Actually has a light brown tint to it. Starting to develop a stong tobacco aftertaste early on. #SRTV

waltw: Main flavor seems to be woody followed by a very interesting salty flavor on the tip of my tongue. #SRTV

tonycasas: Draw started weakening. Went in for an extra clip on the ol’ torpedo. Getting a massive draw now. #SRTV

BudPA: Ash is very light gray almost white, burn line very thin and seems to be evening out #SRTV

KnightRid: burn is NOT even on mine, hopefully it will correct itself #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid Mines burning evenly, it’s just really loose and flaky. Hopefully it fixes itself #SRTV

BudPA: Getting some spice up front followed by a slightly sweet sensation #SRTV

KnightRid: VERY flaky ash on mine – flakes off every time I move it, it seems. #SRTV

tonycasas: @Mr_Squiddy I just can’t punch. Tried it. Not for me. The more raw draw the better! #SRTV

KnightRid: – hopefully able to see the uneven burn #SRTV

waltw: @shing999 Could be anything. I suppose salty is best way to describe. Its a sensation on the tip of my tongue that is pretty unique #SRTV

tonycasas: @waltw @shing999 I’m getting the salty taste on mine as well followed by soft spice, with slight nutty undertones. #SRTV

BudPA: @shing999 I must be a slow smoker I’m only into it about half of what you are #srtv

waltw: Draw is very free but not as bad as I was expecting from the pre-light. Produces lots of dense and flavorful smoke. #SRTV

tonycasas: Almost an inch in and I fear the ash is going to give out any second. Its tightening up a bit now though. #SRTV

KnightRid: Here is my flakey ash #SRTV

KnightRid: oh I forgot – I did PUNCH this cigar, I did not cut #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw I’m getting that sensation on the tip of my tongue but mine doesn’t seem like salt #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid Looks almost identical to mine I’ll be adding a few pics here soon, im a bit behind. #SRTV

KnightRid: getting a bit of spice now along with the woody taste and I got a bitter aftertaste for a short second also. #SRTV

KnightRid: ash fell off already just by sitting it on my ashtray – not a good one to smoke with an ashtray CLOSE at hand 😉 #SRTV

KnightRid: @shing999 LOL – I punch em all dammit – lets me relieve tension =) #SRTV

KnightRid: that should be WITHOUT an ashtray CLOSE at hand #SRTV

waltw: Flavors of Wood, Mild Spice, Nuts, and that Saltiness on the tip of the tongue. Smoke seems mildly acidic (aggressive) on palate #SRTV

tonycasas: I only got this far until the ash gave way. A bit disappointed #SRTV

BudPA: Getting a lot of spice in the finish #SRTV

KnightRid: I am getting a slight tingling on the back sides of my tongue – is that the acidic you were talking about @waltw ? #SRTV

waltw: – Torano Exodus 1959 Silver – First Third – #SRTV

tonycasas: The draw is MASSIVE. I’m liking this.Very smooth smoke.Especially this early in the morning (for me) #SRTV

waltw: Body is medium (mouth-feel). Nicotine level is going unnoticed. Burn is a little wavy now and becoming thicker. #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw wow, nice ash – mine is still VERY flakey!!! #SRTV

tonycasas: @waltw agreed almost no sign of nocotine. #SRTV

KnightRid: burn line is still not even, keeps waving about quite a bit #SRTV

waltw: Burn rate seems on par with other robsutos. Not smoking as quickly as I would have thought due to the free draw. #SRTV

waltw: The sensation on the tip of my tongue lingers for some time before fading. Not sure I’m liking it, becoming an annoyance. #SRTV

BudPA: Really an abundance of smoke on every draw , I like that #SRTV

waltw: @KnightRid No, just feels aggressive across the roof of my mouth. Sort of like the acid in orange juice #SRTV

tonycasas: This smoke is burning a lot slower than expected. burn line is pretty consistent. Ash is tightening up a bit more.. finally #SRTV

KnightRid: Ash and burn line still not very nice 🙁 #SRTV

KnightRid: RT @BudPA: Really an abundance of smoke on every draw , I like that #SRTV – very much so – NICE amount of smoke!

tonycasas: @shing999 you’re smoking fast man, im not far into mine at all. Its taking a while and im going at it too #SRTV

waltw: @shing999 @KnightRid I don’t think it anything to do with the age. Probably just a denser fill in our box/batch #SRTV

KnightRid: @tonycasas lol – take your time and enjoy it 😉 #SRTV

KnightRid: still getting nothing on the tip of my tongue, nor on the back sides now – last puff was very smooth and creamy #SRTV

KnightRid: ash fell again with just sitting it on the ashtray – of course, I would get the bum stick..LOL #SRTV

tonycasas: Barely right here on mine. Hitting at least twice a minute or so #SRTV

KnightRid: strength for me would be a solid medium so far with no nicotine detected as of yet #SRTV

KnightRid: do I have the wrong stick? why is mine so dark and @tonycasas so light? SIlver should be natural shouldnt it? #SRTV

tonycasas: Strength is very mild for me. Very smooth smoke.No nicotine detected. Still very creamy, softly spiced. picking up subtle coffee? #SRTV

BudPA: Burn line very thin but wavy #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid My stick is very dark #SRTV

waltw: @KnightRid Silver is only available in one wrapper type as far as I know. Mine is fairly dark as well #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid it might just be the lighting, mine is pretty dark. The foot is VERY dark, and lightens up towards the head. #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid keep in mind mine was a bit dry to begin with #SRTV

tonycasas: Just ashed again. About 3/4’s inch on the second ash. bits flaked off all the way though #SRTV

waltw: Touch-up required. Let it stand too long in the ashtray as I took some photos. Need to re-light #SRTV

waltw: Ash was average in strength. Took a very light tap to remove it from the foot (about an inch in length) #SRTV

KnightRid: at about the 1/3 mark still mainly woody, spice is gone, everything is gone but maybe a bit of leather in the background, kind of dull #SRTV

waltw: Finish on mine is a bit dry. Giving me that parched / dry-mouth feeling. #SRTV

waltw: – Still working on the first third of my Exodus Silver – #SRTV

KnightRid: ok soda gone, switched to water – see if I get more from it. #SRTV

BudPA: Just developed a big soft spot right below the band, will have to keep an eye on it #SRTV

tonycasas: Retrohales nicely, losing a bit of flavor as well but it just adds to the character. #SRTV

waltw: Flavor level seems about medium, same as body. A little laid back for my taste but not bad. A touch of harness. #SRTV

BudPA: Re-light required wrapper does not appear to be burning at the same rate as the rest of the cigar #SRTV

tonycasas: @waltw agreed this cigar would be a lot better if it had a bit more kick. How is it compare to the Gold Edition? #SRTV

BudPA: Getting more flavor in the finish then in the smoke itself #SRTV

waltw: @tonycasas I prefer the Gold. Seems to have more richness and character #SRTV

KnightRid: about 1/3 done – still flakey as anything #SRTV

Second Third

waltw: @BudPA I agree, it seems to have more in the line of Residual flavor than it does in the up-front smoke #SRTV

tonycasas: A bit more than halfway though. Impressed with the even burn, and smoothness. Not impressed with the loose ash and lack of punch #SRTV

waltw: Closing in on the second third now. Flavor seems consistent without much change. A little richer but that is to be expected. #SRTV

waltw: Smoke is very dense but carries a drying affect with it that I am not overly fond of. Constantly sipping on my coffee to combat #SRTV

KnightRid: – finally it let me upload the 1/3 pic #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid Looks indentical to mine in burn. My burn line is starting to go crazy now. #SRTV

BudPA: I expected more spice then I am getting considering that this has a criollo wrapper #SRTV

waltw: Resting smoke occasionally drifts past my face. Its a little on the rough side and may be considered offensive. #SRTV

tonycasas: @BudPA agreed. #SRTV

KnightRid: In my non-expert view, this is a boring cigar so far almost half done and its just mainly woody, might be moving to high-medium for me #SRTV

KnightRid: still no burn issues except it not being straight 😉 no relights or touch ups as of yet #SRTV

waltw: @KnightRid I agree, its one dimensional and lacks any significant change of pace. #SRTV

waltw: @BudPA That is interesting, I would have never guessed that it had a Criollo wrapper. #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid What are you talking about high medium for you? You nubbed a cain that raised the bar for you #SRTV

KnightRid: wow – just got a hell of a hit of spice at the back of the throat and through the retro-hale..almost tears lol #SRTV

waltw: Burn line is a little wavy but not troublesome. It is also thin for the most part. Resting smoke is fairly light in volume. #SRTV

tonycasas: Still goin strong #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA LOL – I think if I get through the Cain maduro, my palette will change..hahaha – didnt smoke one yet, worried 😉 #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw would have never guessed that this was a criollo had to look it up #SRTV

KnightRid: RT @waltw: @BudPA That is interesting, I would have never guessed that it had a Criollo wrapper. #SRTV – 100% agree, for what THAT means LOL

waltw: About an inch away from the band now. That salty sensation on the tip of the tongue is turning to a ticking sensation, annoying. #SRTV

tonycasas: Wow. touched up a bit as the wrapper isnt burning consitent with filler and got a massive spice intake. #SRTV

KnightRid: DEFINITELY getting some spice now, and I do think I just tasted that saltyness @waltw had #SRTV

waltw: Ash is light and color and holds a nice compact shape. No flaking going on, nice and tidy. Strength is about average I suppose. #SRTV

KnightRid: @shing999 you finished yours yet? 🙂 #SRTV

KnightRid: wow – harshness lingering a LONG time at the back of the tongue/throat – not very nice #SRTV

Final Third

waltw: Becomes far more aggressive on the palate as I enter the final third. Heavy acidic feel across the roof of my mouth. #SRTV

KnightRid: burn line has finally about evened up for me! ash is stronger also! #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid The cain maduro seems milder then the habano #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid @waltw we fianlly hit the sweet spot, all close to the band too. #SRTV

KnightRid: might be feeling a bit of nicotine also – not sure, just a bit of a “whew” #SRTV I need an interpretor =)

waltw: Getting a harsh spiciness on the back of my tongue (outside edges) and in the back of my throat. #SRTV

waltw: Flavor density is medium. Nicotine still unnoticed. Body is medium. Finish is dry. #SRTV

tonycasas: Getting a lot harsher. The back of my throat is starting to get annoyed. Still not feeling the nicotine #SRTV

BudPA: Burn getting really wavy now #SRTV

waltw: Flavors: Woody, Mild Spice, Nutty, with a building black pepper aroma/taste on the retrohale. #SRTV

BudPA: Haven’t gotten anything in the throat yet but the roof of my mouth is getting hit hard #SRTV

KnightRid: around the band #SRTV –

KnightRid: band came off with no problems at all #SRTV

KnightRid: @shing999 yes, at the beginning and now towards the final 1/3 it is getting bitter again! #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid Yeah your wrapper i so much darker than mine now that I see it #SRTV

KnightRid: @tonycasas how far along are you? #SRTV

tonycasas: @shing999 Yeah its getting really bitter. Still really spicy at this point, slight leather taste. #SRTV

BudPA: My wrapper could almost pass for a maduro #SRTV

KnightRid: amazing how cigars can change between puffs – last puff was smooth as a babies butt #SRTV

KnightRid: awful lingering aftertaste, like others have said, though #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid about 1/2 inch to band. I had the larger vitola, trying to go at it hard to keep on base with you guys #SRTV

KnightRid: @tonycasas seriously man, slow down, enjoy – if you overheat it, you will end up ditching it early (at least in my experience) #SRTV

tonycasas: Getting really spicy. tingling my lips quite a bit #SRTV

KnightRid: @shing999 you my friend, are a smoking machine =) #SRTV

KnightRid: yea, I definitely feel a little bit of nicotine #SRTV #yesIamawuss

waltw: – Final third of my Torano Exodus Silver. #SRTV

waltw: Time to remove the band. Harshness growing and becoming unpleasant. Room aroma getting heavier and more unpleasant as well. #SRTV

KnightRid: HEY, I just tasted nuts!!! kind of a toasted nut of some sort #SRTV

tonycasas: Getting ready to remove the band #SRTV

waltw: Way too much glue on the band. Removing it tore a fairly large chuck from the wrapper leaf. #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw WOW – mine actually slid off!! #SRTV

tonycasas: Band came off clean. A lot of un-needed glue but not any on the wrapper #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw I can see some glue sticking out from under my band think it will be a problem will let you know in a sec #SRTV

KnightRid: ruler says I have about 2 inches left on this stick – mellowed out, cept for the aftertaste – really awful #SRTV

waltw: Lots of dry-mouth at this point. Oily coffee is helping alot. Couldn’t smoke this cigar without some sort of beverage. #SRTV

BudPA: Band removed , a lot of excess glue but did not stick to the wrapper. #SRTV

waltw: @BudPA Piece of wrapper that tore off on mine seems very thin and delicate. #SRTV

tonycasas: lots of relights needed, wrapper is cracking quite a bit around the burn line #SRTV

KnightRid: my band #SRTV

BudPA: @waltw wrapper does look thin, but had no problem with the knick I had in mine #SRTV

KnightRid: this wrapper reminds me of the CAO Sopranos actually #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid great pictures man! #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid I had to peel my band off would not come lose #SRTV

tonycasas: Spice is gone, after taste is just awful at this point. Starting to feel the noctine. #SRTV

KnightRid: I cant get over how awful the aftertaste is, wont be making my regular or even semi-regular line up #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid wish I had a camera handy so you could see all the glue on the back side of it #SRTV

waltw: @KnightRid Between the harshness, very dry finish, and aggressive quality of the smoke, I don’t see this regularly in my future either #SRTV

KnightRid: I was impressed how my burn evened out – never had to do a touchup yet and it is almost perfect right now #SRTV

BudPA: Starting to get some spice on the initial draw and a little throat irritation on the finish #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA I hate when they are glue happy!!! bands rip in pieces, cigar wrapper tear – awful, just awful! #SRTV

waltw: Smoke remains dense and flavorful, just getting bored with the flavor. Too consistent for my liking but not a terrible smoke. #SRTV

KnightRid: If I wouldnt be doing this twitter thing, I would probably kill this thing, thats how awful the aftertaste is! #SRTV

KnightRid: but I will soldier on, for your reading pleasure =) LOL #SRTV

waltw: Tear in the wrapper from removing the band doesn’t seem to be creating a problem. Burning right through it. #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid I guess the extra age on my stick made the glue brittle as the band didn’t tear at all #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw the aftertaste does it for me – have to drink just to get rid of it 🙁 and VERY 1-dimensional I would say #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid I totally agree. Im not feeling this cigar much. Aftertaste is ruining it. But I’ll take it down as far as I can #SRTV

BudPA: Getting very acidic tasting #SRTV

tonycasas: Lots of wrapper crackage #SRTV

waltw: From a burn and construction standpoint, this cigar is solid. No real problems beside excess glue on the band. #SRTV

KnightRid: oh yea the draw is AWESOME, huge amounts of smoke with little effort – only good thing I can really say #SRTV

waltw: @shing999 I agree, the presentation was very nice but the sick left much to be desired. Earlier portions of the stick were much better #SRTV

KnightRid: my stick is getting a bit warm also at about 1.5 inches left #SRTV

tonycasas: Doubt I’ll nub it. I’ll give in once you guys do. The draw is the best part, the burn is pretty consitent too. #SRTV

waltw: @KnightRid I’m about at the same point. Warm on the fingers and the smoke feels a bit hot on the draw. #SRTV

KnightRid: that bitter/acidic taste is coming back with a vengeance on the back sides of my tongue also #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid that bitter/acidic taste is coming back with a vengeance <-- same here #SRTV KnightRid: @waltw i didnt expect it to get warm with how nice and easy the draw is – go figure! #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid maybe i just need to wash it down with something? Gasoline maybe? haah #SRTV

BudPA: Water gone switched to lager much better #SRTV

KnightRid: is anyone else getting a lingering aftertaste ? man, it goes away but it you move your tongue a bit, it comes right back – yuk #SRTV

KnightRid: @tonycasas lol – I wish I still drank, I would grab a beer with this one to try and drown out the aftertaste #SRTV

tonycasas: @KnightRid The aftertaste has been with me for a while. Mine isnt getting warm though, about an inch left #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid Yes, bitter aftertaste #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid The lager does seam to kill the aftertaste better the the water did #SRTV

waltw: Going to be setting this down very soon. Its well past its prime and not getting any better. #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA bet it made it a LOT more enjoyable 😉 #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid yes it did only wish I would have switched sooner #SRTV

waltw: I am officially done with my Torano Exodus 1959 Silver. Smoke time was about 1 Hour 50 Minutes. had a blast guys, love to do it again. #SRTV

KnightRid: little crack at the punch hole, ash still a little flaky #SRTV

KnightRid: @waltw WHEW – so I can let this bastard die – thank god – LOL #SRTV

KnightRid: final thoughts – flakey ash, burn corrected itself nicely so no problems there, PLAIN woody taste with a bit of nut mixed in #SRTV

KnightRid: AWFUL aftertaste – just awful! I would not recommend this. #SRTV

tonycasas: Final Thought. Decent construction. Great earthy, nut spice flavors at the begining. Amazing draw. Good burn. Very smooth start #SRTV

tonycasas: Awful aftertaste, Lack of flavor and strength. Too dry for my taste. The back of my throat was very annoyed towards the end #SRTV

tonycasas: I WOULD NOT have this cigar again. Myabe something with a bit more power next time 🙂 #SRTV

BudPA: Final thoughts . Very good construction, good draw and an abundance of smoke. Flavor seamed to be lacking had to search for it. #SRTV

BudPA: Aftertaste really put a negative to the enjoyment of this stick #SRTV

Walt’s Photos from the Review