IPCPR 2009 Photo Stream

While Jerry, Brian, and I were attending the 2009 IPCPR Convention in New Orleans, we set ourselves up with a few loose roles. Jerry manned the video camera, while Brian and I manned our cameras. Brian was focusing on taking photos while Jerry and I both had equipment for both still and video, which we planned to swap back and forth with.

Along the way I picked up video duty and never pulled my camera back out of my backpack. In my place, Brian began taking extra photos to document the event. Our focus was to first publish all of our video content then follow it up with our photos shortly after.

Today is the day for those photos. Below, I have put together two separate slide shows, showing what was on my camera and what was on Brian’s. I hope that in addition to all of the video we have posted, the photos help put the IPCPR Convention together in your mind so that it almost feels like you were there.

Photos Taken With Walt’s Camera

Photos Taken With Brian’s Camera