CAO Gold Maduro


T-minus one day until IPCPR 2009. With that I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Its actually hard to believe that out of the 652 (I guess this is 653) cigar reviews published here on Stogie Review that we haven’t reviewed the CAO Gold or the CAO Gold Maduro. This will solve the CAO Gold Maduro and give me an easy way to transition into talking about CAO Cigars at IPCPR.

Video runs 12 minutes and do I really say “401” instead of “411” when running down the info on the cigar? LOL…I’m such a rookie. Anyway, the CAO Gold Maduro is a staple in my humidor. Its really not financially feasible to smoke a CAO MX3 all the time and sometimes you want something with a little more zing than what you find on the CAO MX2 but don’t want the full body experience of the CAO Brazilia…so I guess what I’m saying is that the CAO Gold Maduro fits a specific “in-between” kind of mood. You want a solid maduro, at a reasonable price and with a exotic zing that a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro doesn’t have but not full bodied. Did that make any sense?