A.Fernandez Maduro


Since I discovered the Man O’War Ruination, I’ve been tracking down some of his other cigars which brings me to the A.Fernandez Maduro part of his Signature Series over at Cigars International.

Video runs around 13 minutes and I’ll be adding the A.Fernandez Maduro to my list of budget cigars. Its not sophisticated nor does it have the level of richness that you will find in say, the CAO MX3, but factor in a price point of $2.50 – $3.00 and you get a solid simple maduro cigar that has a pretty amazing sweet spot.

CRA Ambassador Note
Another day goes by and another locality infringes on our rights. Read this awesome editorial by our great friend Skip Martin aka @ChiefHava and watch the two YouTube videos he links to and see just how quickly and without debate, a city council can screw us.