Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~


Sorry folks, I have to interrupt our usual programing. Tune in next week for your weekly dose of “The Tower of Burn”. Instead, grab a smoke and sit back with “The Great Torpedo”.

This week, I’m here with a relatively new but not very publicized cigar from Dion Giolito. If you didn’t know, Dion is the mastermind behind the “CRUZ”ado and Illusione cigar lines. The Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ is Dion’s first footprint into the budget line of cigars.

Video runs around 12 minutes and while the Cuchillos Cubanos may skimp on the price tag, there is no skimping in quality or flavor. Unless you’re a professional, it probably won’t enter your mind that its a mixed filler cigar. Not your traditional mixed filler though. Dion uses long and medium (instead of short) filler tobacco for the Cuchillos Cubanos. In these economic times, I think Dion is ahead of the curve as I think more and more manufacturers will start a similar trend.

Summary – With a balanced flavor profile that magically transitions from one flavor to another, I think Dion has a sleeper of a cigar on his hands with the Cuchillos Cubanos in his stable of cigars.