Camacho Connecticut (First Impressions)

A few days ago I was involved in a twitter conversation with several cigar smokers. One of them, Jerry, mentioned that he was lucky enough to be in Drapers when their order of Camacho Connecticuts came in. He later posted a video on My Daily Cigar about the stick, which made alot of people eager to check it out. A couple of days later came his enthusiastic review here on Stogie Review.

After seeing Jerry give it the thumbs up, I was looking forward to checking it out for myself. I just so happened to bump into my Camacho Cigars rep one day. He was in my local shop taking an order for the new stick and was kind enough to give me a sample.

With a single stick in hand, I made plans to record a First Impressions review for my personal blog. After posting it, I saw a couple of people on Twitter mention that it should also be posted on Stogie Review. Jerry felt the same way and made mention that it would help balance out the review (my experience was a little different).

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