Rocky Patel Renaissance


Continuing on my Rocky Patel kick, I’m back this week with a review of the Rocky Patel Renaissance. Now if you were following my escapades in Orlando earlier in the month you will know that I had my first Renaissance while I was vacationing but lets see how the Renaissance holds up back here in MD.

Video runs 12:20 and I show what a wussy boy I am as I squeal like a little girl when a bee gets a little too close for comfort. In all honesty, I liked the Renaissance. The dominate woody flavors with a mix of creamy and sweet notes really hit a nice spot for me. I did feel that the draw was too loose and I found myself taking half puffs so I didn’t end up with too much smoke in my mouth. I also noted some similarities in flavors that the Renaissance shares with the Edge Sumatra. While its shares a similar flavor profile, I think the Renaissance isn’t as hefty in the body department.

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