Maria Mancini Natural (Short Ashes)

On Sunday I was talking with Jerry via Twitter and got word that the weather in Maryland was no better than here in PA. As a result, Jerry didn’t think he was going to be able to pull off his Tuesday review. In order to cover him, I got to work on smoking a cigar for a quick short ashes video.

The cigar I selected was one that I know he was fond of at one time, the Maria Mancini Natural. This stick sports a Habano 2000 wrapper. As I wrapped up the video and began prepping it for encoding, Jerry made mention of taking the Thursday spot in order to keep his two reviews this week. This prompted a message from Tom (of the Tom and Ed show) offering to get the guest review uploaded two days earlier than expected.

So rather than uploading the video I worked out for Tuesday, I uploaded Tom and Ed’s review of the Punch Rare Corojo instead of waiting until the weekend to publish it. In the end, we had a week filled with quality content and a short ashes video that may sound a bit off as I reference Tuesday.