Nub Maduro

Nub Maduro - 1

Nub Maduro - 2Brand: Nub Maduro
Vitola: 460
Ring Gauge: 60
Length: 4.00
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Website: Nub Cigars
MSRP: Unknown

The Nub line of cigars is a creation of Sam Leccia, a former sales representative for the Oliva brand. In mid 2007 the idea of the Nub was pitched to the no nonsense Oliva Family and they were more than skeptical. After having smoked numerous samples the excitement began to grow on them and the line went into production.

After a very successful launch last year with a Connecticut, Cameroon, and Habano, requests began pouring in for a Maduro version. That request was filled this year and is the featured product at Nub Live events.


Nub Maduro - 7

After removing my unbanded Nub Maduro from its cellophane sleeve, I gave it a good once over. Not having a band to draw my eye, it was lead right to a medium sized vein. This vein was surrounded by a section of leaf that was a little lighter in color than the rest of the stick, which made it really stand out.

The remainder of the wrapper was covered in small veins and tooth while holding a consistent coloration. The cap look neatly placed and the cigar looked well made. Giving it a slight pinch, I found the cigar to be firmly packed with tobacco while lacking any defined hard and soft spots.

Once the head was opened up with my guillotine cutter, I found the pre-light draw to be free with just a touch of resistance. The initial flavor on the cold draw was mildly sweet.

First Third:

Nub Maduro - 3

After a quick toasting and lighting session, I had my Nub Maduro evenly lit and producing lots of smoke. The initial puff was very interesting and grabbed my attention immediately. The flavor was a mixture of sweetness and bitter chocolate. This flavor settled out a little as the stick burned, but remained the focus of the flavor profile.

The body hit the ground running in the medium range. While puffing on this stick at 8:30 AM as a first cigar of the day, it is in no way overpowering as a first stick of the day. The finish is smooth and creamy while lasting about a minute before fading.

With a little less than an inch of ash developed, it unexpectedly fell into my lap. In all of the Nub cigars I have had up until this point, I never remember an ash dropping that prematurely. Before doing so, the shape was tight and compact while exhibiting a light color. The burn line was a little wavy but thin. The draw was free with a little resistance and produced loads of dense smoke.

Second Third:

Nub Maduro - 4

After about forty-five minutes, I reached the second third of my Nub Maduro. The body seemed to progress a bit, but never reached out beyond the medium designation and into medium to full. The finish remained smooth and easy on the palate while leaving a creamy sensation as the smoke dissipated.

The flavor profile remained more or less the same. The focus was on a combination of a natural sort of sweetness and bitter chocolate. As the cigar burned down, the bitter chocolate became more apparent while the sweetness dropped off a bit. The only new flavor was an introduction of pepper, which was only noticeable when retrohaled.

Since that first unexpected ashing on my lap, the ash has held firm on the end of the cigar. The ash was fairly light in color and compacted. When looking closely, the dark toothy bumps on the wrapper turned white and speckled the ash, making it much more aesthetically appealing.

Final Third:

Nub Maduro - 5

After nearly an hour and a half, it was about time to finish up my Nub Maduro. The body continued to progress but still did not reach the medium to full designation. The finish became a little creamier as I burned along and lasted a touch longer on the palate before subsiding.

In the flavor department, this stick did not change leaps and bounds throughout. The natural sweetness from the earlier thirds was still apparent but very mild at this point. The bitter chocolate flavor remained but was becoming overshadowed by a woody flavor. Through the nose I was still getting a black pepper flavor/aroma that did not seem aggressive or overwhelming.

The wood flavor was interesting and made me immediately think of eating grapes. If you have ever pulled one off a vine and had a small piece of vine break off inside the grape, you will know what type of wood flavor I am trying to describe. This flavor was slightly bitter and was hitting me towards the back of the throat more-so than on the palate.

Final Thoughts:

Nub Maduro - 6

When it was all said and done, I think the Nub Maduro is exactly what I was expecting. I found this cigar to be medium bodied with lots of flavor, with a twist of Maduro. I don’t think that this is what some of the people who put in requests had in mind when they were looking for a powerhouse Maduro. If I were to guess, I think that the new Nub Miami is going to fill the place of the powerhouse within the line.

If you are a fan of the Nub Line, I would definitely recommend giving these a shot. While I don’t think they will replace the Nub Connecticut in my rotation, they will become a welcomed addition to my lineup.