Trilogy Authentic Corojo by Alec Bradley

Well since Walt stole my review last week..actually “stole” isn’t a fair way to describe it. Since Walt beat me to the punch in reviewing the Harvest Selection I turned my attention to the Authentic Corojo in the Trilogy line by Alec Bradley.

I’m not familiar with Alec Bradley cigars. I do have a few Tempus waiting in the humidor to be reviewed but before I review a “hot” cigar from a maker I’m not familiar with, I like to do my research and smoke some from the other lines.

Video runs close to 12:00 and all in all, I’m pretty impressed with the Authentic Corojo. So much that it gets my stamp of approval and has me pretty excited to try the other two members of the Trilogy line. And what would this week be without another contest? Video has details.