Por Larrañaga


Back on the Cuban bandwagon with what I call a “tier 2” Cuban cigar. The Por Larrañaga is an economical smoke with these Panatellas costing around $2 a stick (less than $50 for a box of 25). Along with the Jose L. Piedra the Por Larrañga doesn’t have the consistent, beautiful, blemish free wrappers like their tier 1 brothers (Cohiba, Montecristo, Vegas Robaina).

Construction is inconsistent but the flavor profile is steady but not challenging. Its your basic Cuban cigar profile. Lots of familiar Cuban aroma and smooth on flavors. Unless you have Diddy like income, chances are you’re not smoking the Tier 1 Cubans every day, all day and this is where the Por Larrañga comes in. Its a versatile Cuban for those “in between” moments in life (driving to work, drinks before dinner).

Video runs a little over 11 minutes and HUGE props to @dk_fxn for the “seal of approval” at the end of the video. Need to find a better way to incorporate it into future reviews but its pure awesomeness is bad ass.