Padilla Miami (Fabrica de Tabacos Padilla)


First let me point out there isn’t any controversial music this week. Its only when I post outside my normal Monday slot that I go outside my “Hulk Hogan” music.

Need to give thanks to Carlos in NJ for bringing this to my attention. I was twittering about getting these and Carlos asked me if it was the Padilla Miami that Don Pepin rolls. Of course and as usual, I had no idea. A little research and I found out that the Padilla Miami that Walt reviewed is the old Don Pepin rolled in Pepin’s El Rey de los Habanos factory in Miami and this one is the new Padilla Miami rolled in Padilla’s new Fabrca de Tabacos Padilla factory which is also in Miami.

Video runs close to 15 minutes and here is some link love that I mentioned in the shout outs part: – – – –

Until next time my people, Long F’n Ashes!