Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection (Guest Review)

Cigar: Cuban Crafters Cabinet Select Chairman
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Habano 2000 (not stated but I believe to be Nicaraguan)
Filler: Sun Grown Cuban Seed Habano (not stated but I believe to also be Nicarguan)
Vitola: 6×60
Price: 118.75/box of 25

Setting: Sun Room, 4pm, about 50 degrees out, drinking a Barq’s.

Guest Cigar Review - Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection - 1

This is a large firmly packed cigar. The wrapper is a nice dark brown with dark streaks in it. It is a bit lumpy with prominent veins and the wrap is obvious leaving some small gaps. The cap looks to be a pigtail that someone cut off the tail. The cigar has a nice barnyard smell to it. The cap cut easily with the Cranial Screw Top method though the cold draw left me spitting out some small pieces of tobacco. There was only a light taste of tobacco on the cold draw. Draw has just a touch of resistance, which is nice for such a large cigar.

Guest Cigar Review - Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection - 2

First third:
The cigar took a bit to light up, but that’s to be expected in such a large cigar. Once fully lit I took my first puff and was greeted with a somewhat unusual roasted nut flavor. Not a bad flavor, but not one I’ve tasted before. Paired with that is some leathery flavors and a touch of bitterness. The finish is light and clean though slightly bitter. As I get about an inch in the bitterness starts to fade and the leathery flavor comes to the front. The ash is holding strong with no flakiness. The burn continues to be wavy but hasn’t needed any touchups.

Guest Cigar Review - Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection - 3

Second third:
While, right at about the two inch mark the ash dumped on my lap in a big lump. Sure is solid stuff. The flavors on this thing really like to change a lot. The leather has faded and now a woody/cinnammony/nutmeggy taste has come to the fore. Reminds me of Christmas. The body is in the medium plus range, but definitely not full. Smoke production is about average. The slight bitterness remains but is not a problem. The burn line has evened out for the most part. The finish has thickened up a bit but still pretty clean.

Guest Cigar Review - Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection - 4

Final third:
Well, I’m hitting the final third a bit over an hour in, which seems kinda short for such a big cigar. But everything is coming along smoothly. The spice flavor has dimished with a bit of the leather and earthy tobacco taste now coming to the front. And again, the ash dumped in my lap right at the two inch mark. The body has picked up in the final third to more of the full range. Not feeling too much of vitamin nic though.

Guest Cigar Review - Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection - 5

Final thoughts:
First I want to thank MarkinCA for gifting this to me last summer. Overall I thought it was a pretty good cigar. Enough flavor changes to be interesting and ended on a really nice note. Smoke time seemed a bit fast for such a large cigar at an hour and a half, most robustos take me that long. But burn and construction were great. Don’t know if I would go seeking them out, but would definitely smoke another and even pick some up at a good price. Just too much stuff I like better in this price range. But to those thinking about it they are for sure worth giving a shot.

Liked it: Yes
Buy again: Probably not, unless I saw a great deal
Recommend: Very much

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