I want to preface this review the same way I did in the video. These Lx2 were gifted to me by Jon Huber of CAO Cigars. Jon was nice enough to send me a few Lx2’s to try after having a conversation on Twitter about how they can be hard to find and how I’ve had mixed results from the two that I had tracked down (one was from IPCPR and the other from my brother but I don’t know which was which). So thats it, thats the story of how I got these Lx2’s.

I don’t like reinventing the wheel so you can find all the details of the Lx2 over at Cigar Jack (who is on Twitter too). I just smoke and record.

In the video I let you in on a new iPhone/iPod Touch app that has come in handy when I’m out and about enjoying a cigar and need to jot down a few notes. It comes in handy for cigars, wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea and other vices.

Until next week…Long Ashes

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