Cigars with your morning coffee?

Flor de Oliva Gold - 1One year ago, if you would have asked me if I would like a cup of coffee to go with my cigar, chances are I would have said “no thank you” without giving it any thought. I used to dislike coffee and simply enjoyed my cigars with tea instead.

My first experiences with coffee were at home where my parents kept Folgers or Maxwell House on hand. The places that I worked did the very same thing. Every time I tried to drink a cup of Folgers or Maxwell House, I struggled to get it down. It always tasted dirty, and cream and sugar only seemed to make it worse.

It was at this point that I wrote off coffee for the most part. A few years later I got into the fine world of cigars. Some of the things I read early on were stories of people having their cigars with a morning cup of coffee. This sounded like an odd pairing to me simply because I didn’t care for the beverage, but I wanted to try it anyway. I headed over to the JR Cigars website and ordered up some Montecristo and Mayorga coffee to try with my cigars.

The coffee and cigar pairing was a success, although the coffee didn’t taste leaps and bounds better than I was hoping for. For the next couple of months I slowly gravitated to tea instead. The reasoning was simple, I could go to the grocery store and spend a couple of dollars on a box of tea bags that I enjoyed while not having to wait for them to arrive in the mail.

The tea and cigars combination was excellent, I enjoyed trying to new teas with new cigars. I even went as far as mail ordering loose leaf tea to brew. While I enjoyed the taste, preparing the loose leaf tea was a little more involved than I cared for and I was quickly back to bagged tea.

Coffee and Cigars

At some point after settling into exclusively tea with cigars, I heard Bob McDuffy talk very highly of Black Dog Coffee on Dog Watch Cigar Radio. My interest was piqued and I decided to order up a half pound and try it out. Several roasts were available and I had no idea where to start. I sent Brian Bircher from Black Dog an email asking for his recommendation based on my past experiences.

The email I received back from Brian was very friendly and full of advice. I ordered a half pound of two roasts and eagerly awaited my product delivery. When it arrived, I immediately ground up some beans and got a pot brewing. As the coffee was brewing, I dug around my Coolidor looking for the first thing to grab my attention.

It was so long ago that I really have no idea what cigar I may have paired with that coffee, but I enjoyed it tremendously. Ever since then I look forward to my Saturday and Sunday ritual of having a cup of coffee and a cigar.

If your reading this article and are wondering where to get started, your in luck. Back in March I spoke with Brian Bircher and asked if he would be interested in writing a coffee and cigars article for the fine folks of Stogie Review. He agreed and put together an article entitled Coffee and Cigars: Science or Serendipity.

Tell us what your cigar and coffee paring was this morning.