September Contest Winner

Well folks, it took us longer than we would have expected to select a winner. Brian, Jerry, and I selected our favorites and wouldn’t you know, we had a list of 8 entries that needed to be slimmed down.

We all went back and forth on what context the tagline would be used in. We came down to two entries that we felt comfortable using and it was very difficult to select a winner. When it was all said and done, we choose the tag line…

Go Beyond The Numbers

We felt that it could be used in a number of ways and didn’t limit us to solely reviews. Congratulations go out to Ryan. The address has been supplied to our generous sponsor at Duque Cigars and you should be receiving your box of Rocky Patel Nording shortly.

Thanks to everyone for entering. It was fun to follow the entries and we hope ot see you back again for our October Contest.