Free Cuba (Guest Review)

Back once again, for another Guest Review
we have Steve aka Ratters from
our very own Fan Forum

Cigar: Free Cuba
Wrapper: Connecticut shade (Dominican?)
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican long filler
Vitola: Toro
Price: $1 if bought by the bundle. They actually make you take two bundles. Bastards.

Setting: Sun room, about 85 degrees out, 2pm, drinking a diet Sunkist that’s about to be replaced with a root beer.

Free Cuba - 1

Well, the cigar is definitely shade grown, but with definite veins that are dark and give it a “varicose vein” appearance, and a wrap that you can see and is verging on loose. The cigar is firm and springy to the touch, well, if you find down pillows to be firm and springy. The foot give the appearance of a cigar that is going to draw VERY well. The cigar has a sweet smell to the wrapper, reminiscent of my Backwoods days. I was going to smell the foot but didn’t want to risk tobacco bits up the nostrils.

Free Cuba - 2

First third: The cigar clipped easily and I was rewarded with some tobacco confetti from the head. I felt so special. The cigar lit up easily with the Ronson, a lighter befitting the grand stature of this smoke. The promise of a free draw dutifly fulfilled, I was rewarded with a copious amount of smoke rich in the taste of…. well, bland tobacco. Not even the sweetness was present. Dry hay with some dry grass and hints of Sahara cause all I’m getting is DRY. It’s like the cigar sucked all the moisture out of my mouth. The cigar ash is a nice light gray, maintaining it’s integrity up to a full 1/4 inch. The loose draw does allow for a large amount of smoke to taste. I don’t think I ever wished for a plugged cigar before.

Free Cuba - 3

Second third: The blessing of a loose draw is that the cigar is burning rather quickly. I must say the burn is even, if a tad wavy. The body has definitely moved up into the mild range. Though I must admit that it is producing a lot of smoke. Thin, dry, smoke. The hay and grass flavors remain, with hints of crab grass and dandelion entering the picture. But you do get some nice bitterness in there too. Did I mention it was dry. As a bonus, each puff is rewarded with a fireworks display of ash off the end. Thoughtful of them to add the extra entertainment. The ash is holding to almost the 1/2 inch mark now, well, whats left after the fireworks.

Free Cuba - 4

Final third: As I enter the final third I thought I was going to pull a Jerry. Seriously. But I kept it together. The body is moving into the medium range actually. Wish it woulda stayed mild. The dryness is lessening but I think it’s because my salivary glands have gone into overdrive. The finish is sharp and unpleasant. It leaves a burning feeling in the back of your throat and roof of your mouth. OK, I just dry heaved twice at about the label and I think I’m gonna give up the ghost on this one. I was hoping to bring it to the nub, but can’t. Wow, how do people smoke these things.

Free Cuba - 5

Final thoughts:
Well, I thought this was gonna be a fun review of a relatively tasteless and mild cigar. Wow, was I wrong. How do people smoke this shit? It seriously was as bad as the Backwoods. Man, I wish my friend woulda given me a corona. I gotta ask him if he actually smokes this thing of if he was just messing with me. The blessing is that it does burn quickly. It normally takes me about two hours to get through a toro, I was down to the label on this in 45 minutes. I think I need to smoke a El Duque to get bad taste out of my mouth. If you actually spent the time to read the review do the opposite of what I’m about to write. ::Wink:: If not they get what’s coming to them. ::Grin:: BTW, the staff who did the reviews for this on CI should be shot.

Liked it: Loved it, go out and get one if you can.
Buy again: Sure, they’re a steal.
Recommend: To all my friends.