Top 5 Morning Cigars

Drew Estate

I talked about it in my review this week but I’d like to present my Top 5 Morning Cigars. Not your traditional Top List as I introduce them from oldest to newest review and not in order of which is the best. I originally wanted to do a 3-5 minute video of each cigar while I smoked it in the morning but why re-invent the wheel?

Video runs 21:46 and I offer my commentary on each of my Top 5 Morning Cigars as well as include some highlights from the reviews I’ve done for each cigar. At the end, I throw down a challenge to all of you that won’t take up too much of your time, lets say, just 12seconds.

I hope this goes over well. It was a blast to do, going back and watching old footage. It was a bit time consuming, I’d say 8 hours and some change between planning, importing, encoding, splicing, editing, conversions and production but I really hope you guys enjoy it and that inspiration will strike me again one day for me to do another one of these types of videos.

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