VigilantE by Rocky Patel


No I’m not retarded…thats how its spelled with a capital E at the end. Not sure why though? More than likely, most of you have never heard of this cigar by Rocky Patel. Those of you who have, probably have seen them on closeout at your local B&M, Cigars International or up on Cigar Bid.

The VigilantE was introduced by Rocky Patel at the 2005 RTDA (now known as IPCPR) and needless to say…it didn’t stick and thus its regulated to the closeout area. My guess on why it didn’t stick is because of pricing. Boxes would run $120-$200 a box which put it up there with boxes of Rocky’s Vintage stuff. The VigilantE is good…but not Vintage good.

Video runs a short 12:52 and along with reviewing the VigilantE I talk about the 2008 Media Awards,, my favorite cut being the v-cut and my “pink” shirt I wore last week.

Thanks for joining me again at my kitchen table…have a good week, check out my videos, join the fun (hit me up on Twitter or email if you ned an invite) and above all else, Long Ashes!