La Riqueza #3


You didn’t think you were gonna go a week without The Great Torpedo did you? Thanks to @brianhewitt for letting me post on his beloved Wednesday spot. Gotta love teamwork!

This week I bring you the La Riqueza #3 by Pete Johnson and blended by the hottest or at least the busiest blender in the industry today, Don Pepin. Now La Riqueza in Spanish means “The Riches” or “The Wealth” and I found the La Riqueza to be just that.

Video runs 17:12 and along with enjoying the La Riqueza I discuss such things as why I talk about other cigar new media sites (blogs, podcasts, etc) in my videos and how its great to have my ability to pick up flavors in a cigar validated. After you watch my video head over to Her Humidor and read her review of the La Riqueza #4 and checkout the selection of our newest sponsor:

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Thanks for joining me at my kitchen table this week. I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to any comment love that I’m blessed to get. Most of all Long Ashes while you burn one down this week!