That Cigar Came With A Prize!

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for a Padron. After a few minutes of of excavation, I successfully extracted a Padron 3000 without a dangerous avalanche of cigars. (Lately, my humidor has been so dangerously overfilled, I have wear a miner’s hat with the mounted light when I grab a cigar.)

Pleased that I was able to find one, I wasted no time inspecting the wrapper or evaluating the scent of the cigar. With a quick clip, the cap was off and I was ready to go. But just before I brought my torch to the foot of the cigar, I caught a glint of green in the clipped end of the cigar. What the heck? I flicked at it with my finger nail, figuring that it was just an odd bit of leaf, but it didn’t scratch off. Then I carefully grasped it between my thumb and finger nails and pulled gently. And out slid a three inch length of green twine! It kind of looked like my Padron was sprouting a new tobacco plant! My Padron came with a crackerjack prize!

Padron has a reputation for making consistently tasty, great quality cigars. And that makes this quirk particularly interesting. In keeping with that reputation, once I had claimed my dubious prize, the cigar smoked perfectly and lived up to my flavor expectations.

So now you’ve heard my tale of the Padron with a Prize, use the comment form below to tell me yours.

What odd things have you found in your cigars? Have you found anything weirder than a twine?