Perfect cigar and drink pairings

Cigar and Drink PairingsOver the past two months or so I have found myself increasingly interested in cigar and drink pairings. It all started after listening to an episode of Dog Watch Cigar Radio when Bob talked about this excellent small batch coffee known as Black Dog. I ordered up a couple of bags and began my journey of pairing coffee and cigars.

Several weeks later, came my interest for pairing alcoholic beverages with cigars. Once again by listening to Dog Watch, Dale got me thinking about how I might dip my toes into the world of cigars and single malt scotch.

I also read an interesting list put together by Jesse of Cigar Jack on pairing cigars and Rum. While I haven’t gotten to this just yet, it is certainly on my list of things to try.

Since trying these different pairings, I’ve been completely amazed at how a good beverage can make an already good smoke that much better.

My absolute favorite pairings so far include:

Top Shelf Signature Select Black Label and Macallen 12 Year Single Malt Scotch

Non Alcoholic:
Flor de Oliva Gold and Stumptown Sumatra Lake Tawar

What is your favorite cigar and drink pairing?