Gran Habano VL Churchill (Saturday Supplemental)

This Saturday I decided it was time to revisit a cigar I had had some mixed results with at the end of last year. The day after giving The Gran Habano VL Gran Churchill a less than stellar review, I came down with a bit of a cold. And that bothered me. Was the cigar really mediocre, or was my palate skewed because I was coming down with a cold? I have enjoyed other Gran Habano cigars in the past, and this was supposed to be a special “Very Limited” edition.

What makes this all more interesting is that I had no idea Walt Jerry had reviewed the cigar over a year earlier! So not only am I revisiting one of my old reviews, I’m comparing notes with Walt Jerry. Enjoy.

Stogie Nutritional Facts:
Size: 7 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Dominican Republic
mebeliFiller: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Coffee
Price: ~75.00 a box
Original Review: Brian’s Review 12/5/2007, Walt’s Jerry’s Review 10/4/2006*

*Note: My mistake, that 2006 review was done by Jerry, not Walt!