Check this out – Week 10 (2008)

In keeping with the trend, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of recommended reading, listening, and watching. With that said, here is what Brian and I checked out this week.


Cigar Advisor:
Gary helps us understand the difference in taste among common wrapper types.

Cigar Command:
Scott reviews the Nub Connecticut 345. See how his review compares to the one found here on Stogie Review.

Cigar Jack:
Jesse reviews the La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon.

Cigar Monkey:
Dan smokes the Adan y Eva Habano 2000 and gives it an 87 out of 100

Keepers of the Flame:
Tom smokes the Camacho 1962 and tells us all about it.

Stogie Guys:
The Stogie Guys tell us what they think of the Arturo Fuente Double Chatue Sungrown.


Dog Watch Cigar Radio:
Episode #158 of the show is up for your listening pleasure.

Stogie Fresh 5:
The Doc smokes the Perdomo Lot 23 in Episode 109

Everything Else

My Herfspace page has been updated once again, this time with a smoking summary for the week of 3/23/08