Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Sungrown (Guest Review)

This weeks Guest Review features the Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Sungrown and comes courtesy of Ace. Just as before, Ace has put this review into verse.

There are times when we get caught up in new releases,
and leave behind cigars that used to please us.
One such cigar is the Double Chateau Sungrown Fuente,
so I decided to review it today, doing it with poetry.

It’s nice to start off the day with a nice morning smoke,
although it is a habit that can leave one heartbroke.
If your choice for the morning turns out to be a dud,
then your morning has begun with no more than a thud.

I used to think these Sungrowns were the top of the heap,
but then I found Tatuaje, Ashton, and couldn’t keep,
my interest in them because my tastes had evolved
on to heavier smokes with more bucks there involved.

But back to this stick before I get off the track,
I decided to try it this morning, give it some slack.
It’s an AF Double Chateau Sungrown, 6.7″ long and 50 ring.
It is wrapped nicely in cedar, a kind of cigar “bling”.

With a nice dark brown wrapper, mottled, with tooth,
just a bit rustic looking, but not at all uncouth.
I Palio cut it and lit it with Culinary Torch,
and settled in to enjoy it on my convenient porch.

The first third was all perfume and floral and sweet,
I hadn’t expected much but was now feeling upbeat,
for this smoke was strong enough for morning smoking,
and it opened my eyes to its flavors, pleasure invoking.

I had become used to smokier, huskier, fuller smoke,
but this stick’s sweetness was great as my tastebuds awoke
to its flavors of sweet tobacco and beautiful bouquet,
quite subtle at first but powerful in their own way.

The second third was no more than a nice review,
of the first third as more flavor came on through.
The draw was without effort, the burn spot on,
as I focused on flavors, is that sugar or pecan?

The burn rate was fantastic, the ash held on well,
and the cigar smoked slowly as I sadly said farewell
to the second third and prepared myself for the move
to the third and final third and what it might prove.

That final third was a tad fuller than the first two,
but just as pleasurable as I prepared to bid it adieu.
As the cigar left me to rest in the ashtray in the sky,
I couldn’t help but regret that with a tear in my eye.

How can one summarize an experience like this?
Would I be remiss by not referring to it as bliss?
Perfect construction, flavors and performance,
a wonderful experience without nary a nuisance.

No tunneling, canoeing, or other unsavory adventures,
so I have no criticisms, no regrets, no censures.
This cigar performed at an extremely high level,
and in the flavors of each puff I was able to revel.

What does flavor of this magnitude cost?
Does it require that a big check be tossed,
to Serious, or CI, or to the Devil Site?
It is not an SR bargain stick, but the cost is light.

You can get twenty of these for under 90 a box,
and they’re cheaper on CBid and that really rocks.
Because with these sticks you can rock and you can roll,
and the process won’t extract from you part of your soul.

Ratings miss the point of great sticks like these,
when they give you no trouble, all they do is please.
They put a smile on your face, offer an hour plus of fun.
Bringing the Ace Binary Scale into play, I give it a 1.