Long Ashes…

Twenty months ago in March 2006 The Stogie Review was launched. I thought maybe a handful of folks that I knew would read the reviews but never in my wildest imagination did I ever imagine that it would turn into a community filled with so many caring people.

You guys have been through a lot with me and I’ve been happy to share my life with all of you. I’m a true believer that life is worth sharing, so I always tried to share as much as I could. I’ve entertained so many questions over the past twenty months about how to have a successful blog and it’s really no secret. Be Honest…Be Open…Be Yourself. I know that sounds cliché but it works and if you start with Be Honest, the other two will take care of themselves.

Part of being honest is telling you that I have decided to walk away from The Stogie Review. With the death of my son it’s a struggle for me to find joy in the things that I use to. I know everyday life must go on but “everyday life” is nothing like it was before. As much as I try to hold onto the things that brought me joy, the more I realize that that kind of joy doesn’t exist anymore. In all honesty I don’t remember what life was like before JJ. So, how do I recapture a part of my life that I can’t remember? In truth…in honesty…I can’t. My life is missing something…something I lost despite holding it tightly, something I miss oh so much. As a friend told me, “life can be so kind, yet so brutal.”

I leave The Stogie Review in the best of hands. I wouldn’t leave if I didn’t think Walt and the Two Brian’s were up to the task to continue what all of us have contributed to. I’ve often said that this site is more your’s than it is our’s and I know Walt and The Two Brian’s will continue that tradition and I know they can count on all of you.

Many of you have been worried about me and Michelle. All of your thoughtful and caring messages, cards and flowers have helped us so much. I want you all to know that we will be okay. We still have a good life filled with love for each other, love from our families, support from friends and our unbreakable faith. I’m sure in time, Michelle and I will be blessed with another child, but none will ever be my “little robusto” who taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

I’d like to thank everyone individually but there isn’t enough space on this blog nor do I know all the words to say…not to mention that’s a whole lot of typing. But thank you…The Stogie Review will always hold a place with me of happier times.  I will try and drop by as often as I can and you guys can always reach me at jcruz1027 at gmail.com

Thank you and until next time, long ashes…