Camacho Liberty 2006

I’m often asked how I feel about others who are doing video cigar reviews. I support any and all cigar related digital media where the reviewer is honest about the review and not promoting a cigar to get into good favor with “the man”.

To show our support for others contributing to the world of video cigar reviews I bring you John Rider from the Cigar Live Forums reviewing the Camacho Liberty 2006 (with his permission of course). Walt reviewed the 2006 Camacho Liberty a few months back so be sure to revisit his review (posted here as well to save you a a click or two) after checking out the great job John Rider does.

I would like to say that I love Cigar Live. I know we have our own forums here at The Stogie Review but honestly, Cigar Live really is a unique cigar community that can’t be compared with any other cigar forum out there. If you’re not a part of Cigar Live I highly recommend that you head on over there, sign up, introduce yourself, let them know we sent you and then check out the rest of John Rider’s videos. Cigar Live truly is the place to be (excluding SR Fan Forum…was that a shameless self promotion?).

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