Rocky Patel Fusion

Video is a bit different this time and runs 18:22. I did a dry run of using to stream a live video of me reviewing the Rocky Patel Fusion. Thanks to Bernard and Richard from the Stogie Fan Forum for participating. It was a lot of fun and I think this has a lot of potential once some additional planning and logistics are worked out.

This Rocky Patel Fusion really threw me for a loop and really stresses the importance of smoking more than one (preferably 2-3 is my opinion) of a cigar to give it a fair thumbs up or thumbs down. Which by the way, before I go any further I need to thank my floatie supplier, Mike from WV for sending me this Rocky Patel Fusion in his care package that he sent when my son JJ was born. Thanks again Mike!

I’d really like your feedback here, is my assumption in the video, that most folks (51%) who enjoy the Rocky Patel Vintage Series like one or the other? I like to think most people are like me and like either the 1990 or the 1992 and not both. I’m sure there are people who do like both but I think the majority choose one. Am I right or way off base? I guess that’s where I got confused. I can taste qualities from both the 1990 and the 1992 so Rocky Patel & Cigars International (the only place you can get these…this size runs $40 for a fiver) accomplished that. You get that lovely rich natural tobacco taste from the 1990’s and then you get the creamy/nutty flavors from the 1992’s in the finish.

Can you see how this threw me for a loop? It’s like two cigars in one (which I figure why the name Fusion applies) but I just don’t see the point since I’m of the opinion that most (again 51%) only like one of the Series and not both. So I enjoyed the 1990 flavors and then was thrown for a loop to have the 1992 flavors mixed in. I’m reserving judgement on the Rocky Patel Fusion because I want to see if I’m off base in my assumption of liking one of the Vintage Series and also to smoke a few more of the Fusion for fairness.

All-in-all the Rocky Patel Fusion is a truly interesting and unique cigar that really deserves a more in-depth and fair review, so Mike, you have your assignment. Send me more!

P.S. – I hope everyone enjoys the extended weekend here in the US for Labor Day. Be safe on the roads or on the water, enjoy a dozen or two cigars and most of all, long ashes.