Ashton VSG

Ashton VSG - 1

Up for review this week is the Ashton VSG. This particular stick was requested for review a couple of weeks back. Being one of the first cigars I laid eyes on as I rummaged through my cooler, I decided it was about time I stopped looking at it and started smoking it.

During a quick pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be a consistent medium brown color with a few medium sized veins running throughout. When pinched I found the body to be slightly soft but otherwise consistent down the length of the stick. The aroma at the head and foot were both rich and very appealing as was the oily sheen which coated the wrapper leaf.

After a quick cut and light I had my VSG burning evenly and producing a good volume of flavorful smoke. The draw was free with little resistance and paved the way for a nice medium body to start. The finish was smooth and easy on the palate while the base flavor was Nutty with a mild coffee flavor. At this junction in the smoke, the most appealing thing was how clean and crisp the flavors tasted.

Ashton VSG - 2

As I continued to smoke I found myself into the second third of my cigar. The draw was free and produced a large volume of thick and flavorful smoke. The body slowly began to creep towards the full range while the finish remained smooth and easy on the palate. The base flavor was now more along the lines of Wood and Leather as the original Nutty flavor faded.

Ashton VSG - 3

As I reached the final third of my Ashton VSG I found myself totally engrossed by the smoke. The body continued to build and made a smooth transition into the full range while the finish remained smooth and enjoyable. The woody base flavor was beginning to fade and Leather was becoming the dominant component. In addition to the leather I was picking up a sort of Tangy like flavor, most likely due to the Sungrown Wrapper, that I found to be a really nice little change of pace.

Ashton VSG - 4

Overall I think that this was a fantastic smoke. With a price point of about $8.00 and up, these sticks are out outside of my comfort zone (not to mention budget) but to me, are worth every penny. I was very impressed by the crisp and clean flavors of the smoke and definitely recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good sun grown wrapper.