CI Legends (Yellow Label)

Wow! Check out the babbling idiot in the video! Like I promised, I’m back! I forgot how awkward it is to talk to a camera. This will definitely take another video or two before I’m back into the swing of things. I was a bit uncomfortable in my new studio.

Anyway, it was some time ago that I reviewed the Green Label from the CI Legends Series which is produced by Puros Indios. This time around I bring you the Yellow Label that is produced by one of my favorite cigar manufacturers (second only to my man Rocky Patel) and that’s Don Pepin Garcia. Pepin Garcia has had the hot hand for awhile now and two of his cigars (Tatuaje Series P and Series JJ) are two of my favorite sticks at the moment.

The Yellow Label, like all the labels in the CI Legends Series comes to us at 5.75” x 54 in size and features a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper that’s triple capped and the binder and filler are also from Nicaragua. Box of 20 will run you about $70 and comes with a free CI Legends ashtray. Five packs can be had for about $25. These are exclusively sold through Cigars International.

I have to say that the appearance of the Yellow Label fits right in with Garcia’s other lines. By that I mean they aren’t much to look at with their numerous veins and overall rough appearance. Looks can be deceiving as the appearance doesn’t bother me since I know Garcia’s cigars may look rough but always taste smooth and burn pretty well. In fact, I found that these burned a lot more even that the Series P.

Once you spark up, you’re greeted with a high concentration, but not overwhelming, peppery flavor. I wasn’t prepared for this and you can see a little cough by me in the video. Cut me a little slack. I’ve gone from 2-3 cigars a day to 1-2 (if I’m lucky) a week. So the stamina just isn’t there anymore. The initial concentration of peppery flavor really had me worried. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Should I have returned by smoking something a little milder?

Fear not, after I smoked an inch or two in, the peppery flavors started to mellow out to a very smooth, creamy and earthy flavors. I want to say a little bit of woodsy too, almost cedar like, but I think that could be my out of shape taste buds talking.

The Yellow Label didn’t have that “Cuban Like” taste to it that you get with Pepin Garcia’s other blends. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that’s missing but something is. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing either. I loved how the Yellow Label started out with a bang to grab your attention and then mellowed out to a relaxing smoke, far superior to my Green Label experience.

Video runs a little over 15 minutes, ignore my goofy 3…2…1 I forgot to edit out. Also, I babble a lot…which label from the CI Legends Series should I try next?