Cuba Aliados Anniversary

Cuba Alliados Anniversary - 1

A few weeks ago I received a very nice email from Frank Santos, Marketing Director for Puros Indios Cigars. In Frank’s kind email he asked if we would be interested in being among the first to smoke the new Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar. We obviously couldn’t turn down such a nice gesture and accepted Frank’s offer. Shortly after replying to the email, all of the editors here at Stogie Review received a four pack of Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigars.

Cuba Alliados Anniversary - 2

Being the first person to review the new Cuba Aliados here at Stogie Review I opted to smoke the very attractive Diadema #3. This cigar weighs in at 5 inches long with a 58 ring gauge. During my pre light inspection I found the color to be fairly consistent with a little variation and a single patch down at the foot. When pinched, the large section of cigar felt filled with tobacco while the head seemed a little under filled, which is probably due to the steep taper that forms the head. Overall the slightly rustic look paired with the attractive Diadema shape made it very appealing.

After a quick and easy light with a wooden match, I had this cigar burning nicely and producing a good volume of flavorful smoke. The initial draw was a little snug (due to the nipple on the end) but after just a couple of puffs opened up very nicely. The base flavors start out Woody and Leathery with a bit of a lingering finish that leaves a thick feeling on the tongue and palate. The body was about medium which resulted in an appealing smoke.

Cuba Alliados Anniversary - 3

As I smoked a bit deeper into the cigar I found myself at the two thirds mark. So far the cigar was very pleasant to smoke. The body was very slowly creeping further into the Medium range while the finish remained thick on the palate as well as smooth and easy to smoke. The base flavor remained to be a mix of Wood and Leather flavors but only seemed to develop into deeper and richer flavors as the cigar became larger and larger in ring gauge. The draw remained free and produced a good volume of thick smoke. The ash was light in color while being slightly flaky in spots but a firm and solid at the core.

As time passed I reached the final third of my cigar. The draw remained free and produced lots of thick flavorful smoke. The finish was becoming mildly dry but remained smooth and easy on the palate. Due to the steep taper at the head of the cigar it was beginning to get a bit hot on the lips and fingers with each puff. The leathery portion of the base flavor was fading leaving a dominant Woody and Peppery flavor to finish off the smoke.

Cuba Alliados Anniversary - 4

Overall I really enjoyed this cigar, especially the larger ring gauge section. The smoke seemed to develop more and more character with each puff which really appealed to me. With an MSRP of $12.00 and the fact that these will only be released to select tobacconist at a limited supply I don’t think that I will be smoking too many of these in the future. If these were more readily available and more affordable I would definitely smoke more. Of all the Puros Indios products, this was definitely my favorite. If you enjoy Puros Indios cigars I think that this will be a home run for you.

Frank, once again, thank you very much for the cigars. It was a pleasure to be one of the initial people to smoke and enjoy this Cuba Aliados cigar.