Henry Clay

Today I reviewed a Henry Clay. This cigar comes to us from Altadis. I have smoked many Henry Clays and have always enjoyed them. This particular cigar is a Grandes size, which is a 50 X 6. The wrapper and binder are Nicaraguan and the filler is a mix of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Peru.

The prelight aroma reminded me of hay and wood. It was a very nice aroma. After a cut from my Xikar and a light with my single flame torch, I started to enjoy this cigar. The burn started out very consistent. The initial flavor was smooth and had the hay and wood aroma to it. The cigar produced a nice thick smoke, something that I really enjoy from a cigar.

Through out the smoke, the flavor remain consistent. The cigar did not burn hot and up until the end, had a very even burn. Near the end the cigar started to burn funny. The cigar started to canoe on me. This means that the top was burning more than the bottom. Since I was almost finished, I was not concerned.

The cigar is rated as a medium to full, but I found the flavor to stay in the medium range. The flavor is smooth and mellow and was not overpowering. I recommended this cigar to anyone who enjoys a good medium flavor cigar. At around $4 a stick retailer, this is an excellent priced cigar. If you purchase by the box, you can drop that price to about $3 a stick. I enjoyed my cigar with a glass of water and a 12 year old Jameson whiskey. The whiskey did numb my mouth a bit so I did not enjoy the full flavor of the cigar after a few puffs. As the whiskey flavor went away, the flavor returned. The impact was not negative, but one to be aware of.

Smoking Time: 70 minutes

Humidor Time: 4 months

Video Length: 22 minutes

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