Joyo de Nicargua Antono 1970

JdN - 1

Well, here we are for another Monday Review and as promised, I have a write-up for you this week.

I was a little torn as to which cigar I was going to smoke, due to time I opted to go with the Joyo de Nicaragua Antono 1970 in a Corona size. After a quick looking over of the cigar I fond it to be a little rough. It had what I refer to as a “coarse wrap” meaning that the seam was very visible, spiraling down the length of the stick. The wrapper also had some fairly heavy veins and a lumpy appearance. When pinched I found it t have a few soft spots.

JdN - 2

After my initial inspection I moved on to cutting and lighting. Both of these tasks were quick and easy. After a quick toast and light the cigar was producing a nice volume of smoke with a light resting smoke which appeared to be dark in color.

The first third of my Joyo de Nicaragua 1970 produced a Medium to Full bodied smoke that felt thick on the palate. Each puff left me with a sense that the smoke was coating my mouth. The finish was fairly short and smooth while the base flavor was sort of an Oak and Black Pepper combination. At this point I was really enjoying the cigar and expected it to really pick up in terms of Body.

JdN - 3

As I made my way through the second third, my assumption was correct. The body was steadily climbing and becoming more Full bodied. The finish remained fairly short, lasting a minute or two on the palate before fading, while remaining nice and smooth. The draw was getting kind of odd. For the first half of the puff the smoke easily moved into my mouth, while the second half got tight and had to really be pulled through the cigar. In a sense I enjoyed it because it kept my from over puffing but did not produce the volume of smoke that I am accustomed to. The base flavor remained consistent delivering that same combination of Oak and Black Pepper.

JdN - 4

The final third of this stick continued to progress and become more full bodied. The finish was getting a little longer on the palate while the base flavor itself did not change, it just seemed to get richer and more complex as I smoked deeper into the cigar. Throughout the smoke the ash was fairly firm but very dark in color. The burn rate was slow and even throughout, making for a very enjoyable smoke.

JdN - 5

Overall I think that this was an enjoyable cigar, but definitely not recommended for the Mild bodied smoker. Before lighting this cigar I was really expecting it to knock my socks off due to all the hype that it gets in terms of strength. In the end I think that this was a good full bodied smoke that delivers a nice flavor and overall experience.. If you are a Full Bodied kind of person this is a cigar you should give a try.