CI Legends (Green Label)

Hopefully no one is suffering from “Jerry overload”. Walt is busy becoming a home owner this week (welcome to the mortgage club) and Brian is working his butt off to get a promotion at work so that leaves me all by myself. Don’t worry though, for all you Walt & Brian fans, they will be back next week.

You know, Kermit the Frog always says “its not easy being green” and thats what I took away from the Green Label of the CI Legends series. The Green Label is produced by Puros Indios and for the most part I found the Green Label to be enjoyable just not memorable. The consistency from cigar to cigar (I’ve smoked around 15 of these) is just disappointing and sad. Sometimes you get a really great one, sometimes a not so great one and there were a couple that were just down right impossible for me to finish. While this could be said for any cigar it just seemed more noticeable in the Green Label.

Flavor wise you have a great toasty woodsy flavor to go along with a mild natural tobacco taste. The depth of these flavors were dependent on what I wrote in the previous paragraph. Be prepared for a extremely easy draw, lots of smoke and loose ash. I’m really curious if this is something you find in the other cigars in the CI Legends series. To Puros Indios’s credit, I imagine it has to be difficult to manufacturer a cigar for just one retailer and have that cigar be consistent.

Video runs almost 14 minutes and I need your help again. I need recommendations for a new lighter. This Colibri triple flame that I use is pissing me off and its about to go flying out my window. All suggestions are appreciated!

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Sorry for the long winded post (I normally don’t type this much), enjoy the video and have a smoke filled weekend!