El Rey Del Mundo – Robusto Larga

A couple of weeks ago I received an email requesting a review of a cigar I hadn’t smoked in quite some time. The cigar requested was the El Rey Del Mundo and I just happened to have a few left over from a purchase I made about six to eight months ago.

The size I had to smoke was the Robusto Larga, this cigar comes in at 6.00 inches long with a 54 ring gauge and is wrapped in tissue paper. After removing the paper to get a closer look I found the wrapper to be a little lumpy with a few heavy veins. The color of the wrapper varied from head to foot and when pinched I found the cigar to feel firm and packed for the most part, but it did have a couple of soft spots.

ERDM - 1

After my initial inspection was over I reached for my cigar scissors and got to work on the cap. After a little work I had the head opened up and found the pre light draw to be free and rich in flavor. After a quick toast and light the cigar was burning evenly and producing thick clouds of smoke.

ERDM - 2

The base flavor at the first third of the stick was a mellow Honduran tobacco flavor. The body was medium and the finish was slightly dry, but left a thick feel on the palate. After twenty minutes or so, the cigar seemed to open up a bit. The base flavor was becoming richer and began to develop some character that was making the cigar much more enjoyable. The draw remained free and produced a solid ash that was light grey in color.

As I worked my way into the second third the base flavor continued to get richer. I was also getting some light leathery flavors that I thought complimented the Honduran flavor well. The body was still in the medium range and the finish remained slightly dry and lingered on the palate for a minute or two after each puff. The draw remained free and put off lots of thick smoke that filled the room with a nice mild aroma.

ERDM - 3

After about an hour and a half I found myself just about through the final third of my cigar. The body picked up and finished off in the medium to full range with a smooth and easy finish that finally lost its dryness in the last two inches. The base flavor was consistent throughout the remainder of the stick and was a rich Honduran tobacco flavor. On occasion the flavors would deviate a little and move to sort of a leathery and peppery base for a few minutes, but the cigar always made its way back to the Honduran base.

ERDM - 4

Overall I think that this was a good smoke, especially for about $13.00 per five pack. This is a cigar that I used to smoke fairly regularly for a while then I just moved away from them and never gave them much thought until it was requested. I was glad to rediscover this cigar, there will be a few five packs finding themselves at home in my cooler in the coming weeks.