CAO Vision

CAO Vision - 1

A few weeks ago after Jerry and I joined Cigar Live, Daniel (the forum owner), decided to hold a group tasting panel and include us. The cigar for the panel was the CAO Vision. For our second attempt at a joint review we decided to fire up the Vision and see what it provided.

CAP Vision - 2

During our pre light inspection we found the cigar to be constructed very well. It was smooth and soft to the touch and firmly packed when pinched. After opening up the head we both found the draw to be decent (although mine was a little firm due to my plug cut). Once lit the cigar produced thick clouds of smoke and gave way to a slow and even burn.

CAO Vision - 3

The first third was composed of Medium bodied smoke with a smooth finish. The base flavor at this point was a rich tobacco flavor with a woody background flavor. When passed through the sinuses I picked up a pleasant spice that kept me interested.

The second third continued to please, leading to a richer flavor while the body slowly began to build. The burn remained even and produced a light colored, firm ash. The resting smoke was light and filled the room with a mild woody aroma.

CAO Vision - 4

After about an hour and a half we wrapped up the cigar and both felt that it was a good smoke. We agreed that the price would be much more appealing at around $8.00 per single as we felt it did not merit the $14.00 price tag it currently holds. This is something we would recommend picking up, but maybe wait until some of the hype dies down, and hopefully the price will die down as well.