Padron Anniversary 1964 – Maduro

Unfortunately, Jerry had some family problems arise and will not be able to stand in for his normal Friday Review.

First and foremost, Jerry I wish you and your family the best through these hard times.

PAM 1964 - Band

Today as an impromptu review, I have the Padron Anniversary 1964 Maduro, also referred to as the PAM 1964. This particular cigar weighs in at 4.5 inches long and has a square pressed 46 ring gauge. The wrapper has a satin like sheen with small veins and oily speckles running throughout the stick. It is an absolute beauty to look at.

PAM 1964 - Unlit

After a quick and easy clip I had the head of the cigar opened up, which gave way to an excellent pre light draw. When puffed upon, it produced rich tobacco flavors. After a few test puffs I reached for my lighter and began my toast and light ritual. After touching the flame to the foot for just a minute, the cigar produced thick clouds of flavorful smoke.

PAM 1964 - 1/3

As I made my way into the first third of my PAM 1964, I found it to have very rich tobacco flavors with a mild coffee like aftertaste. The finish was smooth & creamy and lasted for just a minute or two on the palate. The body was in the Medium to Full range and rounded out all of the flavors and textures very well. The draw was excellent as expected and produced a nice even burn and a strong light colored ash.

At this point, the only thing that troubled me was the fairly heavy resting smoke the cigar was putting out. This is generally a sign of a fast burning cigar, but to my surprise it was not quiet as fast as I would have expected. In addition it stayed cool and smoked very well. The resting smoke filled the room with a medium aroma that was very enjoyable.

PAM 1964 - 2/3

After about 20 minutes I began to work my way into the second third. The base flavor was that of rich tobacco with a coffee, and now nutty aftertaste. The finish was still very smooth and creamy while the body was slowly building deeper into the medium to full spectrum. The ash remained very firm and light in color while producing a thin and crisp burn line. The burn was still a little fast, but was nice and even. At this point I found myself completely engrossed by the cigar and was really enjoying myself.

PAM 1964 - 3/3

About 20 minutes later I reached the final third of my PAM 1964. The body peaked in the medium to full range. The finish was very consistent and lasted for just a minute or two on the palate while remaining smooth and creamy. The base flavor was rich tobacco with a mixture of coffee, nuts, and now cocoa. The flavor, body, and finish made for an all around fantastic smoke.

Overall I was very happy with this cigar and would highly recommend picking one up if possible. The price point on my cigar was $8.00 which I think is pricy for such a small cigar (or any size honestly) but I think that it performs very well and is worth every penny. I like to pick these up on occasion to have on hand for special occasions, or just because in this case.