La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel

LFD - DL Chisel - Band

Welcome back to another Monday review. I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend and had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of fine cigars. As for me, the holiday was good and I did manage to sneak in a couple of cigars over the weekend, one of which is todays review.

Today I have a review of the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel. This particular stick was the natural wrapped version and weighs in at six inches long with a fifty four ring gauge. The cigar is composed of an Ecuadorian wrapper with Dominican Binder and fillers. This cigar was released into the market in 2003 and gets its name due double dose of Ligero tobacco that makes up the binder and filler.

During my pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be a little lumpy with a fair amount of heavy veins running throughout. When pinched the body felt firm with a light spring to it. The aroma of the open foot was very peppery, to the point where I actually began sneezing.

LFD - DL - Chisel - 1/3

After my inspection was complete I decided to use a guillotine cutter so clip the chisel cap. I checked the pre light draw and found it to be fantastic, as well as having a nice sweet flavor that grabbed my attention right away. With everything going well so far I moved on and began the toasting and lighting process. After a quick toast and light the cigar was producing lots of thick and flavor smoke.

The first puff caught me completely off guard. It tasted as if I was just slapped in the mouth with a handful of pepper. The flavor and body started off on a very intense note while the finish was long and smooth. The interesting part of this intense flavor and body was that it was not harsh at all. Even though the first puff gave me the impression that I had a long and powerful smoke ahead of me that would normally be too much for me, I enjoyed it very much.

After about six puffs the intense body began to settle into about the middle of the full spectrum, rather than the peak. While the body settled the flavor did not, this left me tasting heavy pepper, spice, and sweet tobacco flavors that I found to be very enjoyable. The finish remained long and smooth while the draw seemed to be getting a little firm. The burn rate was slow as well as even while producing a strong yet sweet room aroma.

LFD - DL Chisel - 2/3

As I worked my way into the second third of the cigar I found myself feeling a little light headed. The full body and flavor was making for a great smoke, but hidden in all that good flavor was a fair amount of nicotine that was beginning to impact the way I was feeling. At this point I switched over from Water to Iced Tea in hopes that the sugar would help with the nicotine impact I was feeling. Fortunately, the Tea did the trick and I was back to enjoying my Double Ligero Chisel.

The dominant peppery flavor was beginning to fade and a strong spiciness was taking its place. In addition to the spice, the sweet tobacco flavors were beginning to slowly build. The body was slowly moving from the middle of the full spectrum back towards the peak. The finish remained long and smooth while the draw continued to getting more and more firm as the cigar burned.

Once I made my way into the final third, things really began to pick up for a strong finish. The flavor in general was very full overall which consisted of mild peppery flavors, a strong spiciness, and a dominant sweet tobacco flavor that mixed very well together. The finish remained long and smooth, which complimented the flavor profile very well. The draw remained firm but manageable and the burn was both slow and even producing a light colored firm ash.

As I finished the cigar I got up and was quickly reminded how much of a powerhouse this cigar was. I felt the need to refill my Iced Tea and go lay down for a few minutes. Overall I think that this is a fantastic cigar, but you need to really prepare yourself for the punch that it packs. Do yourself a favor and have something sweet on hand for when the nicotine kicks in and you feel a little light headed.

LFD - DL Chisel - 3/3

I would absolutely recommend this cigar to the experienced (being you have smoked cigars for a few months) cigar smoker that enjoys full bodied and full flavored cigars. This is a cigar that mild cigar smokers should stay far, far, away from.

At a price point of $7.00 at my local shop this cigar falls outside my every day comfort zone, but I think that it is well worth the price. I will definitely be picking up a couple here and there to keep on hand.