Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1

This cigar is just as long as the name for it. I’m smoking the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro). This monster or giant of a cigar comes in at 8.5 inches long with a 52 ring gauge. It features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with the binder and filler out of the Dominican.

Its been a busy week for me but I had just enough time and energy to squeeze in the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro). When you watch the video (15:30) you will know why I’ve had a week from hell. Getting home late doesn’t leave a lot of time to smoke.

All in all I thought the Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro) was a decent cigar. Maybe even more enjoyable in another size. After over an hour of smoking this giant of a cigar I was pretty much tired of smoking it and thats not because it was a bad cigar. It actually was a good cigar with a lot of flavors that I enjoy. The flavor profile consists of a medium bodied, sweet natural tobacco taste with a short nutty finish. Maybe medium bodied is a bit of a stretch. Its actually more on the mild side maybe one step up from a Macanudo.

The Cuesta-Rey Cabinet Selection #1 (Maduro) burned well and had an easy draw. The #1 just took way too long to smoke to keep your attention. There isn’t any “WOW” factor that keeps you interested to see it through till the end. Its like a tunnel with no light at the end. I think this is a decent cigar in another size.

Enjoy the video…sorry for my rant on bad bed side manners by doctors, but hey, this is cheaper than paying for therapy! Episode 7 of Your Questions, My Answers is this weekend so get use to seeing my face and hearing my voice.