Nording by Rocky Patel

Named after the famous pipe maker, Eric Nording (I don’t smoke pipes but thats what I hear), I bring you the robusto sized Nording by Rocky Patel. The Nording by Rocky Patel features a Costa Rican wrapper, Mexican binder and a filler blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Now I’ve also seen other places that say it has a Honduran binder and a Honduran wrapper so I’m not sure who to trust.

I’m always fascinated with how a cigar looks and this cigar is a pleasure to look at. The wrapper is a bit rough around the edges with a few veins that run long and deep. I keep thinking that these veins are going to cause some burn issues but so far, they have been insignificant. I love the pig tail on the cap. Which brings me to a question, do you cut cigars with a pig tail the same as your normal cigar or do you just clip off the tail?

The Nording by Rocky Patel had an attractive aroma right off the bat and quickly filled the room with a nice roasted coffee aroma. No problems with burn and the Nording had an easy draw. I did notice that it did burn a little fast even when it was resting. Flavor profile consisted of rich sweet coca, roasted nuts and had a spicey finish. The Stogie Guys featured this in one of their weekend quick smokes and mentioned that it was a affordable alternative to the RP Vintage 1990. I’m a big fan of the RP Connecticut and to me, The Nording by Rocky Patel is a richer, full bodied experience of the RP Connecticut.

Video runs a little over 13:00 and looks a bit different than other videos as I tried to use Adobe Premeire Elements 3.0 instead of the usual Windows Movie Maker. Adobe Premeire seems to have a high learning curve that will take sometime to get use to. Enjoy the weekend.