TNT Cigars – Alternative to Padron Anniversary

TNT Padron Anni Alt - Size

Welcome back for another Monday cigar review. This week I decided to fire up a TNT Cigars Alternative to the Padron Anniversary. This is a cigar that I received a request for, fortunately I just so happened to have a bundle of Toro sized Maduros resting in my humidor.

This particular stick is square pressed with a 50 ring gauge and has a length of 6 inches. The wrapper has a rugged and rough look to it but is fairly smooth to the touch. The color was nice and dark with a light oily sheen. When squeezed it is slightly firm with a little spring to it.

TNT Padron Anni Alt - 1/3

After my initial inspection was over, I reached for my cutter and got down to business. After a quick snip the cap was opened up and made way for a smooth draw. After a quick toast and light I had the cigar producing lots of thick flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was rich and earthy with a smooth and creamy finish.

The first third of this smoke was much like it started. The body was slowly creeping up into the Medium range. The base flavor was still sort of a rich earthy flavor while the finish was short, smooth, and creamy. The draw was free and produced a very good volume of thick smoke that filled the room with a nice aroma.

TNT Padron Anni Alt - 2/3

As I smoked my way into the second third, the body was still creeping up the scale. At this point it was planted in the Medium range. The base flavor remained rich and earthy but picked up a cocoa flavor which did a very nice job of rounding things out. The burn was slow and even while producing a firm dark grey ash.

The final third was not much different. The body finally peaked at the Medium to Full range with a smooth and creamy finish. The rich earthy flavor seemed to get deeper and more complex as the cigar burned down to a nub. The only downside at this point was that the cigar was beginning to burn hot and required me to smoke a little slower than usual.

TNT Padron Anni Alt - 3/3

Overall I think that this cigar is well worth the price of $40.00 per bundle (for the Toro size). If someone was to give me this cigar and ask me what I thought it was, I would swear it was a Padron thousand series. I think the blend is very close and makes for a great budget buy to get a very similar smoke.