Camacho Liberty 2006

Camacho Liberty - Band

This week I have the Camacho Liberty 2006 Edition. These cigars are limited to 40,000 cigars total and sell for about $14.00 each. This was a cigar that I had on my wish list for some time. Thanks to Stephen, I can now smile and cross it off the list. Thanks again Stephen!

Camacho Liberty - Box

Each Camacho Liberty comes packaged in a Spanish cedar coffin with a paint job commemorating the original 13 colonies. The wrapper is a Cameroon and the filler contains “some” Pre-Embargo Pelo de Oro tobacco from the old DWG Cigar Company in Lima, Ohio. The remainder of the cigar is a secret.

This cigar was constructed very well. The wrapper was slightly rough but had an excellent appearance. When pinched the cigar felt a little lumpy and soft in spots, but this is something I have come to expect with Camacho Products. After looking things over I pulled my cutter from its sleeve and clipped the head. The pre light draw was very good but produced a somewhat bland flavor.

After my quick inspection I began the lighting process. After a quick toast and light the cigar began to produce thick clouds of smoke. The initial flavor was mostly spice without much depth behind it. The finish was a little harsh and caught me in the back of my throat, but quickly went away after the first few puffs.

Camacho Liberty - 1st Third

As I smoked into the first third, the base flavor developed into a woody flavor with some saltiness blended in. The salty flavor was enough to get me salivating, at which point I really began to enjoy the flavor. The draw remained good while the burn was even and slow. The body at this point was medium with a short and clean finish.

Camacho Liberty - 2nd Third

The second third of the Camacho Liberty was much like the first. The draw was still free and producing a high volume of smoke. The resting smoke was about average but had a sort of blue tint to it. The room aroma was very mild and I could hardly notice it while I smoked deeper into the cigar. The body was getting a little heavier, but it was a very slow and gradual build. The finish remained short and smooth making for a very good smoke.

Camacho Liberty - Final Third

The final portion of the cigar changed slightly, but for the most part was very consistent. The base flavor seemed to become a deeper and darker wood like flavor that I was enjoying more and more as it developed. As the cigar burned down, the spicy flavor I mentioned at the start of the stick really came through and was a little intense when blown through my sinuses. The finish remained short and smooth while the body peaked in the Medium to Full range.

Overall I think that this is a very good cigar, but not one I could smoke on a regular basis. Due to the price point of about $14.00 I think that if I were to smoke another it would have to be for a special occasion only. This is definitely not the cigar to take with you when heading to a barbecue or to the local tavern.

Thanks once again Stephen.