Tatuaje Series P

I figured since we’re giving away a box of these on Episode 101 of the Dog Watch Social Club Cigar Radio that we should actually review the cigar so the lucky winner out there knows what they are getting.

This has fastly become my “go to” cigar or my “cigar of choice” putting future purchases of my old stand by in jeapordy. The Series P from Tatuaje is the milder version of the other Tatuaje lines. It contains the same filler as the Havana VI that Brian reviewed awhile back but the Series P is made up of 60% medium and 40% long filler instead of the full long filler of the Havana VI. I guess its the medium filler that makes the Series P a medium bodied cigar.

Some have said that the flavor is flat and I assume they mean that the cigar doesn’t change. Its flavor profile is static and its simplicity is what I love the most about this cigar. Simple cigar band, classic size, simple flavors that can be enjoyed anytime of day. The flavor profile consists of a sweet natural tobacco flavor with a slight spicey undertone.

In my experience I have run into some burn problems but considering that these were just introduced in October 2006, they can only get better by spending some quality time maturing in the humidor. I just don’t have the patience to do that cause these guys are so addicting. I’ve found myself smoking one after another like I’m some chain smoking cigerette fiend. They are that good! While this maybe the easiest to find Tatuaje line and maybe get overlooked by the success of the other lines, don’t sleep on them. Go now, order from AtlanticCigar.com. Box prices aren’t published on their site so you will have to call your order in or if you’re ordering other cigars online add a comment to add a box of Tatuaje Series P (P1) to your order for (Price edited out, please call for pricing 1-800-887-7877). Also be sure to mention The Stogie Review. You won’t get any discount but it would just help us if we have any future dealings with them.

Video runs 9:38 and if you haven’t entered our contest to win a box of these Tatuaje Series P be sure to use the Contact Us link and send us a cigar related question before Noon (12pm EST) on Friday, February 23rd and then listen to Episode 101 of the Dog Watch Social Club on February 25th to hear us announce the winner. Also look for Episode 4 of “Your Questions, My Answers” this weekend. Busy weekend so keep em lit everyone!