Onyx Reserve

Here we are once again for another Monday review. Up this week is an Onyx Reserve in the Mini Belicoso size (52 x 5.00). It features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Dominican Binder and a three country blended filler which includes tobacco from, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru.

The wrapper of this stick is blotchy and a mixture of Dark and Light brown shades. The surface is covered in small oily spots that give it a rough texture. When pinched, I found the stick to feel fairly decent. The stick was not overly firm and did not have any spongy spots.

After the inspection I clipped the torpedo shaped cap and got down to business. The pre light draw was decent with little resistance. Once I felt satisfied with the draw I began to toast and light the foot. It took a little work to get the stick completely lit, but after a minute or so, I had things burning nice and even.

Throughout the first third of the stick, the draw was good but produced little smoke. The body was in the medium range while the finish was mildly dry and short on the palate. The base flavor was that of your typical Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, delivering a mild nutty flavor with tones of coffee.

As I worked my way deeper into the stick, I found the burn to be slow and even. The ash was firm and mostly light in color, but had specks of black throughout. The room aroma was medium and smelled of rich tobacco. The mild nutty flavors were fading and were replaced by woody tones. These flavors blended well with the coffee base and made for a decent smoke.

After about a half hour, I reached the final third of my Onyx Reserve. The woody flavor was fading and were replaced by a harsh metallic flavor. The finish was becoming creamy and rich while the body picked up and reached the fuller side of medium to full. The volume of smoke also picked up. I was now getting mouthfuls of smoke, but in return was getting a cigar that became very easy to overheat.

By the time the stick was and inch and a half long, the harsh metallic flavor became too much and I was forced to put out the stick prematurely. Overall I think that this cigar is average at best. It seemed to be missing that extra something that tips a cigar over the edge of just being a run of the mill smoke.

In my experience with this stick, I would not turn it down if one was offered to me or if I found one buried deep in the humidor, but I would not go out seeking another.