Montesino Diplomatico

Montesino Diplomatico pre-light

This 5.5×42, slightly box-pressed, maduro wrapped beauty came to me courtesy of a trade and while I’m usually pretty good at keeping track of what I’ve got in the humidors and where it came from I can’t remember for the life of me where this one came from. The wrapper was dark and oily and the construction was flawless save for one medium-sized vein running right down the back.

I must have turned it around 20 times in my hand trying to figure out where I was wrong but this cigar had an undeniable triple cap on it, something I’ve only seen on a very small number of high-dollar non-Cuban cigars. I even peeled off the top cap to make sure. Maybe a roller was having some fun on a Friday?

Pre-light draw was perfect and there was a refreshing sweetness to the wrapper which piqued my interest right off the bat. The first few draws were cedar and floral, worrying me a bit because I’m not a big fan of the cedar flavors. The cedar notes subsided right around the one inch mark replaced with more of the cocoa flavors I expect from a Fuente-rolled maduro. The burn is very straight leaving behind a firm and rather white ash. One thing I expected to see but didn’t was the familar “Fuente ripple”.

Montesino Diplomatico burning

The flavors were consistent and enjoyable through the entire cigar, without the slightest hint of harshness. This cigar was recommended to me after expressing my pleasure with the affordable Tampa Sweetheart No 4 maduro and I would like to take this time to say thank you for the recommendation. The burn and flavors met and surpassed my expectations based on the TS No 4 and the construction on the Montesino was definitely superior.

I enjoyed this cigar right down to the nub, had I paid for it this would be the best $2 cigar I smoked all month. 🙂 I will definitely be picking up a box of these and recommend any budget maduro lover to do the same.

Montesino Diplomatico ashtray