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montecristo white

While I was wishing for something white on Christmas here in Maryland, the closest I got to a white Christmas was enjoying my Montecristo White cigar.

This is the Toro sized Montecristo White and comes in at 6 long with a 54 ring gauge. The Montecristo White features an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler from both the Dominican and Nicaragua.

For those of you who know me, you know that the Montecristo White is my choice for mini celebrations. Specifically when I was studying for my MCSE, whenever I’d pass one of the seven exams I’d always treat myself to a Montecristo White at my local JR Cigars.

My big and pretty much only beef with the Montecristo White is the price point. The Toro sized Montecristo White will cost you around $10. To me, it’s not a $10 cigar but more of the $6, $7 and at best an $8 cigar. I’m not saying that the Montecristo White is a bad cigar. I always enjoy smoking them but when you factor in complexity and flavor, the Montecristo White doesn’t live up to its price tag. Unfortunately most of that $10 price tag has to be the Montecristo name.

If you’re a coffee lover you will love to have the Montecristo White as company. I enjoy coffee at anytime of day so naturally I can smoke one of these anytime of day and enjoy it. But if you’re a morning only coffee drinker the Montecristo White will fit in well with its medium body and its toasty and nutty flavor profile.

For me its because of that $10 price tag that I keep the Montecristo White on the shelf until a special event of some kind.

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