Camacho Negro

Several months ago I read a topic on Club Stogie that pertained to splitting a couple of boxes of cigars. The boxes in question were a box of CAO Brazillia and a box of Camacho Negro. Being a little strapped for cash I contacted this person and asked if he was willing to split the box of Camacho Negro into 5 packs rather than in half. He was kind enough to do so and about a week later, I had my cigars.

After a few months of resting, I finally decided to pull one from the humidor to give it a shot. The wrapper had a light oily sheen with small oily specs scattered throughout the wrapper. When gently pinched I could feel that the cigar was firm to the touch but had a very fragile wrapper. After inspection, I reached for my freshly sharpened plug cutter and began to open up the head of the cigar.

Once opened up I found the draw to be free with a little resistance. I began to toast the foot, and shortly after lit the cigar. The initial puff resulted in a mouthful of smoke. The body was Medium to Full with a dry and harsh finish. The base flavor mildly tasted of cocoa with a mixture of spice that immediately began to irritate the back of my throat.

After a few minutes the cigar began to settle. The dry finish began to fade and become creamy while the body remained Medium to Full. The cocoa base flavor began to pick up slightly as the spice faded and became less of an irritant to my throat. The burn rate was about average and produced an attractive zebra striped firm and even ash.

As I smoked my way to the two thirds point, the zebra striping pattern on the ash began to become more of a solid grey while remaining firm and even. The smoke filling the room, for me, was nice and aromatic. In the flavor department, the cocoa flavors began to fade while coffee flavors with a vegetal undertone beginning to enter into the picture. The spice I mentioned before was just about gone making for a decent smoke.

About an hour later I reached the final third of the cigar. The burn remained even producing a firm grey ash and a light resting smoke that remained aromatic. The base flavor turned to more of a rich earthy flavor as the coffee began to fade .The vegetal undertones disappeared and hints of spice began to pick up in its place. Typically I enjoy the flavor of spice in a cigar but this spice was a bit harsh and nagged at the back of my throat which was dampening the smoking experience for me.

While coming down the home stretch the cigar went through another flavor change. The rich earthy flavors faded and the flavor of strong black coffee became dominant with a nice cocoa background flavor. The body climbed into the Full spectrum and the finish was long and creamy. The spice began to build as well, at this point it became too harsh for me to enjoy any longer and I was forced to lay the cigar to rest.

Overall I think that this was a decent smoke but not my Favorite Camacho by far. I really did not enjoy the start of this smoke but found the middle to be nice. The harshness I experienced I tend to attribute to the Mexican tobacco that makes up the wrapper. I think that if this cigar had any other wrapper I would enjoy it much more than I did.

I would recommend buying this cigar if you had an extra $6.00 or so to spend at a local shop and you wanted to try something new, but would pass it up otherwise