Pirate’s Gold No. 4

Pirates Gold No 4 - pre-light

Here we have a Pirate’s Gold No. 4 by Rolando Reyes Sr. from Honduras weighing in at 5.5×44. The Pirate’s Gold brand has been made by several manufacturers in as many different countries, with this particular Honduran-grown version apparently no longer being produced. Apparently after this version was released production was moved to the Dominican Republic and fell by the wayside. Production has since been moved to Nicaragua and I’ve yet to read or hear any reviews of the Nicaraguan version.

This Honduran version, now years out of production, has recently surfaced on CBid and has been going for between $3-5 per five-pack. I purchased a five-pack a couple of months ago, smoking a couple doing yard work and gifting as many or more away. This particular cigar being reviewed happens to be a gift from our very own Walt (thanks again Walt).

While this particular cigar is listed as a maduro, this is by far the lightest colored maduro I have ever seen. The five-pack I purchased a few months ago was very similar in color and also advertised as maduro. I can’t imagine how light the natural must be. If asked to guess I would probably say this is a corojo wrapper based on the reddish hue.

Pirates Gold No 4 - first third

Pre-light the wrapper is very smooth with only a few small veins. The cap cut cleanly revealing a slightly tight draw but nothing to be concerned about. The foot toasted quickly and the first few draws gave a mild tobacco flavor with a medium body. The burn was clean and straight leaving behind a gray-white ash that held easily over an inch.

There was little to no change in either the flavor or the body through the entire cigar. While I prefer at least a little more complexity in a cigar, the flavor and body were pleasant and the price point is certainly right for a daily cigar. The story with these is that they have been sitting in Rolando Reyes’ aging room for a couple of years. While I have no way to confirm or deny these claims, the cellophane on these was not yellowed (though they could have been wrapped after aging). While turning the cigar lengthwise with a light source behind me I could see the sparse sparkle of the oils on the wrapper, and there was no harshness often associated with young tobacco.

Pirates Gold no 4 - second third

While I don’t think this cigar is going to go winning any awards or is likely to become many smokers special occasion smoke, given the price point I think everyone should give them a try. I would definitely recommend picking up a five-pack of these with your next CBid purchase, at the bare minimum they make a nice addition to the “moochador” and you might wind up with a new bargain smoke.

Pirates Gold no 4 - ashtray