La Flor De La Isabela 1881

Regardless of what faith you do or don’t practice its that time of year where we find ourselves spending time (sometimes too much time) with our families. For me, this past year has been one of the best years I can remember and that mainly has to do with my first trip home to the Philippines. In the Philippines I met a side of the family I’ve only heard about and now I’m thinking of them and hoping they have a Merry Christmas.

To help cope I turn to one of the many Filipino cigars that I brought back with me. Awhile ago I reviewed (with video) the Don Juan Urquijo which in my opinion is the best Filipino cigar on the market. This time I turned to the La Flor De La Isabela 1881 cigar.

Named in honor of the centennial celebration of the La Flor De La Isabela Company, the 1881 features an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper, Philippines binder and a mixed blend of Philippines and Brazilian filler. While it’s the best selling cigar in the Philippines I don’t think its as good as the Don Juan Urquijo. In several blind PIF (pay it forward) most think of the 1881 as a no named Dominican cigar and that pretty much sums it up. Solid construction, light flavor profile of sweetness from the Sumatra wrapper and a little spice from the part Brazilian filler but overall nothing to make you want to hop on a plane to the Philippines to pick up a box. But if you’re going to pick up a box of Don Juan Urquijo then you might as well pick up a box of the 1881’s as well.

I tried to honor many requests and keep the video under five minutes but the video runs 6:30…I’m trying to babble less. Enjoy!